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Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Sionyn, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Sionyn

    Sionyn New Member

    So, i got multiple quarry setup. Im getting way more than enough cobble than i want, is there a way of auto-crafting cobble into compressed cobblestone? The auto workbench is way to slow and only crafts one item until you take the one item out it will craft one more. Its way too slow, any ideas?[DOUBLEPOST=1383335861][/DOUBLEPOST]I'm playing on the unleashed 1.1.4 pack btw.
  2. Onikrex

    Onikrex New Member

    The workbench is slow, but it auto-crafts. There is no need for you to do anything. When you place it, put the pattern in there, 9 cobble, then just leave it alone. It'll save that pattern and any extra it gets is crafted in the pattern.

    In all honesty, I'm not sure why you're even looking for something to do with your cobble. I ALWAYS void my cobble at the quarry site. I have no use for it.
  3. loboca

    loboca New Member

    Access to the Deep Dark, Singularities, octouple compressed paving stones.. ?
  4. P46EY

    P46EY New Member

    What about the cyclic assembler (or w/e its called) from Thermal Expansion? It requires power (and water IIRC) but its faster than the auto workbench.
  5. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    Applied Energistics Assembly Chamber
    If you are not using AE I reccomend Cyclic Assembler
  6. kittle

    kittle New Member

    if you have an AE network setup, just put an import and export bus onto the autocrafting table and ignore it for a while. The export bus will eventually fill it up with 9 stacks of cobble and add more as needed. the import bus will remove the compressed cobblestone.
    Then just repeat the process with all 9 stages.
    Or you can setup your AE network to craft the compressed cobble. Then ask for a stack of octuple compressed cobble and watch your cobble vanish

    or you can setup a system of chutes and chests to shuffle the items from one workbench to the other. Since it needs no power, once its setup, you can ignore it.
  7. Sionyn

    Sionyn New Member

    Thanks you all, Cyclic assembler worked perfectly
  8. Niels Henriksen

    Niels Henriksen New Member

    Another idea is to use a chest as "auto-crafting table". Put AE Export and Import bus on the chest. Make the crafting recipie in the MAC and insert the item in the export bus and choose "Always crafting". The exportbus will craft if there are items for it and the import bus will take the craftet item out.

    Im doing that with my pure bees for "harvesting" aspects to my thaumcraft'ing.
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  9. angelnc

    angelnc New Member

    You only need an Export Bus and an Interface. Chest and Import Bus are not needed for that. Point the Export Bus on the Interface with the same settings you described.
  10. RomenX

    RomenX Guest

    This post is old so I don't know if the OP will see it, but perhaps someone else can benefit from this:

    If you have the Storage Drawers mod just stick the cobble in a Compacting Draw and it will automatically compress to single and double. you could then take the double and stick it in another compacting drawer to get triple and quadruple compressed. I don't know if one could use pipes and conduits directly with the drawers but you can with the Drawer Controller. So perhaps if you pulled out the double and put it back in, and the double-to quadruple drawer is closer to the controller than the uncompressed-to-double one it should go in the double one. If so then just have a quadruple-to-sextuple? closer, and a sextuple-to octuple drawer the closest. Make sure all the drawers are locked with a key. You will have to put the first piece in each drawer to "lock" it to that set of compressed cobble.

    So the setup would look like this:

    [controller] [6-8] [4=6] [2-4] [0-2]

    Hope this makes sense. The nice thing about this is the drawers are pretty cheap to make and don't require power.

    On the other hand Steve's Factory Manager would do a quick job of it too and could do it all with just a single storage chest and the Inventory Manager next to it. Just make sure you have it where you want it - if you move the inventory manager after programming it you lose the programs in it (unless you use the Duplicator from Steve's AddOns, which I highly recommend if you are using SFM). I haven't always found the duplicator to work right though.
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