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ATM3-remix - ocelots?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Anton_, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Anton_

    Anton_ Guest

    Can't find ocelots.

    I've been sat in a tree for 48 MC hours, Raw Fish in hand, overlooking a pool in a jungle, and seen not a flicker of movement except for parrots. Also no ocelot icons on JourneyMap. I wandered around a bit too, there, but saw no ocelots - in fact, very few mobs other than parrots.

    Am I looking in the wrong place? Or have ocelots been disabled in ATM3-remix?

    [Playing on a MP server, ATM3-remix 1.0.1]
  2. SolManX

    SolManX New Member

    You might be suffering from the mob cap. I'd suggest you need to wander around, as you did before, but kill all other animals you come across to free up the cap. Also, you need to go some distance to allow new mobs to spawn.
  3. Anton_

    Anton_ Guest

    There were only two parrots on the map, and a few chickens which vanished - nothing out of the ordinary in terms of number. No pigs/sheep/cows, no hostile mobs. And no ocelots.
  4. SolManX

    SolManX New Member

    Sorry I didn't clock that you mentioned being on a server until after I posted. I'm not 100% certain but I think that can really affect mob spawning in general.

    I was really talking about what to do on SSP :(

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