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Astral Sorcery Collector Crystals (DW20 1.12)

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Xenulus, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Xenulus

    Xenulus Guest

    So I've done a lot of searching and reading about how to get more starlight into my altar and even in DW20's mod spotlight he uses collector crystals to boost the amount of starlight the altar gets. However, that is not the case with me, no matter how many collector crystals I place around my altar and link them up, the altar doesn't receive more light as in DW20's spotlight. Is this a bug or.....whats going on here? This is in the Direwolf20 1.12.2 pack. I'm trying everything I can to not have to build a floaty platform way up in the sky, as thats ugly and not pleasing to me.
  2. Riddle78

    Riddle78 Well-Known Member

    There are two key factors to getting the Astral Power you need for your altar. First is finding a "Hot Spot". These can be found at night by holding the appropriate wand. Second is altitude. If said hot spot's on a hill or a mountain,excellent. Otherwise,start building a tower.
  3. Xenulus

    Xenulus Guest

    Well yea, I know all that, lol. I happened to settle down a stones cast away from the best starlight "hotspot," complete with white sparkles and a blue mist so thick its almost up to my player's eye level. Im asking specifically if collector crystals can normally be used to assist in giving the altar additional starlight. Direwolf20 did it in his astral sorcery mod spotlight (part 3/3) but it isnt working in the 1.12 modpack carrying his name. Im wondering if this is bugged or if its intended, because i really dont want to build a 40 block tall tower or have a floaty platform if i can avoid it.
  4. Riddle78

    Riddle78 Well-Known Member

    Collector Crystals can be made by the player,from Rock Crystal. The lower the Rock Crystal's qualities,the poorer it will perform. Largely unaltered Rock Crystals will have generally inferior stats,which will negatively impact the final product; This is true for EVERYTHING you might make out of them. Were you refining your Rock Crystals?
  5. Xenulus

    Xenulus Guest

    If you start watching at 21:45 you will see he connects a collector crystal to his altar to boost its amount of received starlight. I'm doing the exact same thing, additionally even with a celestial collector crystal with it's multiblock structure, and I receive no addition power like he does.
  6. Xenulus

    Xenulus Guest

    It really seems to me that most people just don't know a lot about a good portion of the mechanics of this mod. I've searched so much, and whenever someone seems to have the similar problems that I've been trying to deal with, radio silence follows their questions. Now there are problems with constellations never showing up in the telescope, 8 nights in a row with only the same 7 or 8 displaying, despite having all 12, and one blank area but not giving me the stars to draw out on. Either this mod needs some serious bugs ironed out or....well Idk, no one seems to have any answers. Such a shame!

    Thats all. Just needed to spew my thoughts about this again.
  7. jayaram13

    jayaram13 New Member

    By all means, spew away. The reason you don't see constellations on the telescope is, not all constellations show up at night at all times. Some constellations show up on certain moon phases. One particular constellation is said to come out incredibly rarely (deliberately not spoiling the number of days here). Try peeking through the telescope at various times of the night and at various nights. You'll figure out all the constellations soon enough.

    You may see stars in some areas that show constellations you haven't yet discovered, but are at the night sky at this time. You may see blank areas where there are no constellations, because you have discovered the constellation, but it hasn't risen that night. These are all intended features, not bugs, let alone severe ones.
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  8. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    You realize that insulting the very people you are trying to ask help from is rather counterproductive, don't you?

    First off, did you actually *LINK* your collector crystals to your altar? Because I'm betting you didn't. Even without any special area, it only takes one or two good collector crystals to max out the max tier altar, even during the day.

    Second off, are you refining your crystals properly? The best way to do it is to grow a crystal cluster, but even just the starlight bath/honing cycle can net you a 400/100 crystal that should significantly improve the power of your altar, assuming you link it. If you used regular rock crystals without refining them first, then you probably *are* getting a boost, just such a negligible one that it isn't registering because the effect is less than a pixel.

    Not all constellations are out every evening, just like in real life. Of course, since the mod author doesn't want you to have to wait a whole year, he's... sped things up a bit. All, save one, are on a lunar cycle, so seven nights should be the most you have to wait for each of them. Also, not all constellations are out at the same time of evening either. Some might rise early, some might rise close to dawn. You have to be vigilant to spot them all. The final one... well, it's kind of an oddball, really. Of course, there's a reason for that...

    Finally... the entire mod is about exploration and discovery. How about, instead of asking people to solve your problems for you, that you... oh, I dunno... figure it out yourself? Yanno, just kinda tossing it out there that since that's the whole point of the mod.
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  9. Keekuli

    Keekuli New Member

    I was struggling too with linking the collector crystal with the altar. My problem was that there was snow on the block beside the altar. It blocked the connection.
  10. Xenulus

    Xenulus Guest

    I never insulted anyone. I simply said through all my searches on other forums no one had any answer to give to the problems people were having. Including here, until just recently. Jayaram was the first in over a month to offer his piece of advice. But thats why I DID ask here on the forums for help, because things were NOT working. At all. You say over the course of 7 nights each constellation should be seen at least once? Try over 20 nights, dusk to dawn, of never seeing 3 of them. I spent hours at the telescope but they never showed up. Ever. Something was wrong and I was trying to figure out why that was happening, if it was a bug or not.

    I also know how to link crystals to stuff, and a fully buffed celestial collector crystal should offer more than a pixel's worth of starlight. Nothing blocking the connection, everything linked properly (according to the messages saying they linked), but nothing would happen. I even recreated Dire's set up that he had in his video I posted above, block for block, put the crystal in the same place he did, and the altar still wouldn't accept the starlight from the collector crystal in the pack I was playing in. Due to this being a long time ago, I've since moved on from it, and the Direwolf20 pack has seen several updates since my original post so it could very well have been an issue that has been resolved. I know there are cases where people just make trivial mistakes that they didn't catch and it causes something to not work, but this isn't...rather wasn't, one of those times. I'm well-versed in the mod, and more than confident I had things set up properly.

    The conclusion I took away is that this was probably a bug in configs, or elsewhere, and nobody had an answer. Only suggestions and pieces of advice, which while greatly appreciated, proved to be unhelpful, as the problem (I'm assuming) wasn't a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack functioning code.
  11. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    The code is fine.

    Bear in mind that certain constellations (I'm thinking Horologium here) show up only very rarely (such as the night after a solar eclipse) and 20 days wouldn't guarantee you seeing it. Plus, it can be a little tricky, spotting the constellations! If there was a bug in the pack, or the mod, this would have been noticed - a config bug could be an issue with your personal download in which case it would be worth resinstalling, but I'd be very certain it wasn't user error before denouncing it as a mod bug.

    Good luck though, I hope you find the constellations you're missing.
  12. Xenulus

    Xenulus Guest

    Well the constellation was just an after thought that I didn't really care much about. Referring to my original post, more than anything I needed more starlight for my altar and I've seen video after video of people linking their collector crystals to it and get a huge boost of starlight energy. Wasn't the case with mine, despite it being a perfect celestial crystal and having a block for block identical setup as the LP-ers, I would get 0 additional energy after linking it to the altar. But like I said, this COULD have been an issue over a month ago and it has been fixed since, as the pack this was happening in has gotten several updates since, and I've stopped playing it. But we'll see what happens whenever I mess with this mod again.
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  13. AmyMainzer

    AmyMainzer New Member

    I know I'm necro-ing this post, but this is the only thing I could find with a similar issue to what I'm facing. I set up above y120 in one of the sparkly locations, and up until the very last crafting altar (iridescent) my starlight was fine. Then it would never get past halfway full, even with 4 maxed celestial collector crystals in the upgraded multiblocks. Everyone seems certain it's "user error" but I'm certain it's not. I've cheated in dozens of collector crystals and linked them to the altar (chatbox said "linked to altar" and the white lines were showing), and the starlight in the altar did not increase at all.

    I suppose I'll try redownloading, but the collector crystals seem to be the only thing that's broken. Starlight decreases during the day, and all other aspects of the mod work flawlessly.
  14. jayaram13

    jayaram13 New Member

    The collector crystals must be at least 16 blocks away from each other or they'd interfere with each other. You only need one perfect collector crystals on the enhancing structure to maximize the iridescent altar on the ground in a non optimal location in day or night. Link the collector crystal to the altar and you should be set.
  15. jayaram13

    jayaram13 New Member

    You don't even need a horologium attuned collector crystal to maximize the iridescent altar. Any constellation would do
  16. AmyMainzer

    AmyMainzer New Member

    I went to the Astral Sorcery discord channel and discovered that it was caused by a bug in forge (some error in processing chunks breaks the starlight networks completely). Restarting minecraft fixed it for me.
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