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    Water is not wet, it gives the sensation of being wet. While one says that an object is wet, it is actually simply laiden with water. Also, some things, like hydrated copper(II)sulfate have water as a part of their molecular structure, but give the feeling of being dry. Something is only wet if we feel that it is wet. We call things wet when they have water because we know that, if we touch it, it will feel wet.

    Why is school so long?
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    Because its difficult to unambiguously shorten the word. The pronunciation symbol uː is used to represent the "oo" sound in school, but it too consists of two symbols. I suppose possibly ū or ü might represent it? And you could change out the ch for k, so...

    in short, "School" is so long because the English language is awkward.

    What is Esperanto?
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    Today is a good day, I just learnt something new!

    Esperanto was intended to be an international constructed language that was invented by L.L.Zamenhof around 1880 in order to give people a common language to speak in addition to their local language. Zamenhof was an idealist who believed everyone should work together, sharing knowledge and wisdom - one of the barriers to this is language and so, he developed Esperanto. The language grew in popularity and was spoken accross the world including China, Japan, America and Central Europe.

    Zamenhof was presecuted by the Nazis who believed that Esperanto was part of the Jews master plan to take over the world - his family were executed.

    Today Esperanto is not officially recognised as a secondary language in any country, however it is in the education system of several countries such as Hungary and China.

    What a marvellous ideal to aspire to...

    What is colour?

    My Age of Engineering Series:
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    Wow! I also learned something new - I didn't know the history of Esperanto, just what it was! Definitely a marvellous ideal. In the background fluff of Red Dwarf, its become an international language, and Rimmer's attempts to learn it are a source of some comedy.

    Colour is a perceptual manifestation of the way certain wavelengths of electromagnetic light interact with sensory organs, and materials within the world. Within the narrow wavelength range of approximately 400 to 700 nanometres, sensors (both biological and mechanical) may be capable of detecting both the intensity and wavelength of the radiation, and the differences between these are perceived as "colour". Objects may appear coloured by either direct emission of those wavelengths of radiation, or by selective absorption/reflection/scattering of some wavelengths but not others. For example, in broadband "white" light (where there is emission across the whole range), an object may appear "red" (corresponding to the 700 nm end) by reflecting or scattering only the wavelengths around that area.
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    Because computer scientists just wanted to say that they were bilingual

    Why did I treat this thread as "ask a silly question get a silly answer?"
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    Because these forum games are easy to get confused with one another, which leads to a different interpretation of the game in question. This can also be seen with the other forum games, which regularly devolve into "the first thing" and other such games. It is only natural for you to get confused with such a large amount of these games to keep track of.

    What is minecraft?
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    Minecraft is a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen in which every "block" is made up of 16x16 areas of illumination on a display screen. The game consists of exercising skill in making something in which the goal is unknown, nonexistent or chosen by the player.

    What is a cup?
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    A cup is a broad term for a type of vessel designed to be of handheld size and contain liquid for the purposes of drinking, and does not have a lid - or at least not a narrow-necked opening, as this would make it a bottle.

    What is a box?
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    A box is a generally cuboid container used for the purposes of storing items of various description. Their sizes vary a lot, and range from a few centimetres in each direction to a meter or more in some directions.

    What is lithium?
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    Lithium is a song released as a single in 1992 (though first recorded in 1990) by the band Nirvana, and can also be found on the 1991 on the album Nevermind.
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    The question of nonexistance is one that bothers us all, though there is no way for us to imagine what such a state would be like, since the very act of thinking is something you cannot do if you do not exist.

    How long is a year?
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    A year is an orbital period of a planet. A year is about 593,568 * 10^2 seconds, as it is the amount of time it takes for Mars to orbit the sun in seconds. But to know what how long an orbital period of Mars is, we have to know how long a second is. "[The second] is defined by taking the fixed numerical value of the caesium frequency ∆νCs, the unperturbed ground-statehyperfine transition frequency of the caesium 133 atom, to be 9192631770 when expressed in the unit Hz, which is equal to s^−1," according to Wikipidia.

    So, in a universal unit of time, a year takes approx. 5.4564521 x 10^17 Hz.

    Oh, an Earth year? Sorry I have no idea.

    Question: Why is Chester Bennington's voice so good?
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    (I just realised I didn't ask a question, thanks for covering @LordPINE!)

    Because he was gifted.

    What's the best way to remember those who have touched our lives, but are no longer present?
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    I think you have turned this game into "give a simple answer, ask a complex question."

    Can't even answer that one, honestly.

    Why is Daylight Savings Time different from Standard Time?
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    Daylight Savings Time differs from standard time due to highly localised and specific temporal shearing effects. In the "bubble" containing the area undergoing a DST-shift, the entirety of time itself is shunted forwards by a 60 minute increment. The reasons for the effect being so specific and regular are unknown, however it was theorised that some sort of tachyonic engine could be responsible for the phenomenon observed.

    What is the fastest land mammal?
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    The fastest land mammal is a cheetah. A cheetah is a set of roughly 300,000,000,000,000 cells. All of those cells are used to make the animal go the speed of a boom boom.

    Also can I just mention that the Lithium answer was great, and that this is my favorite one of the forum games still going. It really taps into nerdy me, since I can give really dumb, but nevertheless researched questions.

    Anyway, what is a pencil?
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    A pencil is a writing implement composed of an inner core composed of graphite and clay which has been combined with water and baked, and an outer sheath commonly made of wood (often cedar) but occasionally made of other materials, usually prepared in two halves and pressed around the inner core before cutting and shaping.

    What is It Lurks Below?

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