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Whitelist Server ApocCraft [Mindcrack] [Whitelist] [Survival] 18+

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Apoc, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Two_Bags

    Two_Bags New Member

    IGN: Two_Bags
    Age(must be 18+): 20
    Reason for joining: I want a small stable community server.
    Hours you will be playing(just for reference): 15 - 20 hours per week I'd say.
  2. Matingmoose

    Matingmoose New Member

    Age: 20
    IGN: Matingmoose
    Reason for joining: I feel like with a whitelisted server the people can be trusted more so than public server. I have tried two public servers so far the first became way too popular and crashed often. The second was so concerned about griefing that they started deleting recipes that it started inhibiting game play.
    Hours I will play per week: Around 10-20 hours the number can vary due on my job.
  3. NikeTitan

    NikeTitan New Member

    Not sure if this is too late but,

    IGN: NikeTitan
    Age (must be 18+): 19
    Reason for joining: I'd love to get on a whitelisted server on FTB to try it out.
    Hours: Around 3 on weekdays, more on weekends.
  4. Hungrypunkr

    Hungrypunkr New Member

    IGN: Hungrypunkr
    Age (must be 18+); 20
    Reason for Joining: Looking for a fun server to enjoy myself on and make some friends, maybe even become a part of a good community.
    Hours I'll be Playing: 1-3 weekdays, 2-6 weekends
  5. NurseMissy

    NurseMissy New Member

    IGN: NurseMissy
    Age (must be 18+); 22
    Reason for Joining: Looking for a fun, first time online experience :D maybe even make some friends!
    Hours I'll be Playing: hmmm 2-3 hours a day maybe more
  6. dryfish

    dryfish New Member

    IGN: spendowali
    Age (must be 18+): 22
    Reason for joining: I have been playing FTB alone for more than 2 weeks now and I want to play with a great community online.
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference): 10 hours a day
  7. yscho88

    yscho88 New Member

    IGN: yscho88
    Age (must be 18+): 24
    Reason for joining: I would like to be in the community where i can have more fun playing FTB. (Used to play alone...)
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference): 1~4 hours/day depending on how busy it gets.. :eek:
  8. Apoc

    Apoc New Member

    People have been whitelisted, still having issues with PMs it seems, sorry folks.
  9. Hungrypunkr

    Hungrypunkr New Member

    You say this and i understand this can take time, but so far.....ah screw it ill just wait.
  10. Swordrue

    Swordrue New Member

    IGN: Swordrue
    Age (must be 18+): 18
    Reason for joining: I've been looking for a casual whitelisted server where I don't have to worry about annoying trolls and immaturity and can work on my projects as well as working with a community.
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference): 2-4 on weekdays, 6-9 on weekends.
  11. Breigal

    Breigal New Member

    IGN: AwkwardJoe
    Age (must be 18+): 18
    Reason for joining: I've gotten tired of playing FTB on a single player world as it can get quite boring, so I was looking for a cool server where I could play with others.
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference): 3 hours a day.
  12. Odenite

    Odenite New Member

    IGN: odenite
    Age (must be 18+): 34!
    Reason for joining: My last server has sadly ended, and i want a laid back server that i can put in a few hours here and there and a ton in on weekends
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference): evenings and weekends mostly, i live in Iowa so centeral time zone. UTC-6
  13. tahercool1

    tahercool1 New Member

    Age (must be 18+):19
    Reason for joining:Looking for a small community to play FTB.
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference):1-2 hrs a day and more on weekends.
  14. Syli

    Syli New Member

    IGN: Xphier
    Age (must be 18+): 28
    Reason for joining: want to play on another server, because the one iam playing on right now goes down in a few days
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference):few hours every day
  15. UK_Miner

    UK_Miner New Member

    IGN: UK_Miner
    Age: 19
    Reason for joining: I have been looking about for a mature whitelist server, not free from but mostly immaturity free. Would be nice to play with other people as I do like the idea of a community!
    Hours I'll be playing: As much as I can, but roughly 3-5 hours a day.
  16. maxaviles1993

    maxaviles1993 New Member

    Age (must be 18+):19
    Reason for joining a server that is small and has a very good community
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference): maybe Fridays, and Saturdays just depends.
  17. Axiay

    Axiay New Member

    IGN: Yarrarrg98
    Age (must be 18+): 20
    Reason for joining: I want to try out SMP,and i was hoping to find a good, small and mature community.
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference) If i find it funny imight play 5-6 hour per day.
  18. homelesshommie

    homelesshommie New Member

    IGN: Homelesshommie
    Age: 23
    Reason for joining: Looking for a good mature community to play with that i could have fun on without being trolled
    Hours you will play: 5-10 central standard time weekdays. anytime weekends
  19. FateEmotion

    FateEmotion New Member

    IGN: FateEmotion
    Age (must be 18+): 19 years of age
    Reason for joining: I've been playing singleplayer for the longest time now, and got kind-off bored of it, so i'm looking for a multiplayer server with an age limit of 18+ right now, why 18? well if there is no age limit on a server all random young kids will join the server, and rage all over the chat, or go make pixelart everywhere, im just looking for a sirious server with a good comunity
    Hours you will be playing (just for reference): 2-5 hours a day
  20. Hungrypunkr

    Hungrypunkr New Member

    YO Apoc whats up with the server are you running maintenance or something, cause its been down three days now, not a good sign

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