Anything like RedPower Wires for 1.16.x?


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Dec 15, 2012
I am loving playing around with mods in 1.16.5 (especially Create), but every time I turn around I'm thinking, "Ok I'll use red alloy wires to connect that to -- wait, crud." XD I have Bluepower, but that doesn't have the wires in (yet?), and it doesn't seem to be made very well overall. I read in a comment on CurseForge that somebody named "Covers" is working on remaking ProjectRed, but with no info on where I can track the development. I found the Redstone Paste mod, but that one is stuck in 1.12 like ProjectRed.

Is there anything like those brilliant wires and bundled cables around anywhere? I miss theeeeeeeemm, especially mixing the bundled cables with Computercraft!