Anyone willing to help test?

Discussion in 'Modpack Creation' started by mdog0716, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. mdog0716

    mdog0716 New Member

    I have recently put some mods together for a WIP modpack. Problem is when I try to run it, the pack crashes. Is anyone willing to go through the mods for me and figure out which one is doing it. If you do it for me you will get access to the pack and every new version. I will also credit you in the desc of my pack when I release it publicly. Thanks!
  2. tooncool64

    tooncool64 New Member

    Sure, ill do it. What's the code?
  3. mdog0716

    mdog0716 New Member

    Great, that's awesome. But it is not on the launcher yet. It is just a file I am uploading to mediafire, and currently my wifi is having a hissy fit. I am very sorry for the miscommunication and difficulties getting it to you. I will PM you info when you can get it. Again thanks a lot. By the way if you don't feel comfortable downloading my file you can change your mind or scan it with your virus software.

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