Anyone play Escape from Tarkov here?


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Jun 22, 2020
I start this game on a Ryzen 5 2600x and GTX 1050ti with 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM. On med-high with about 1 low setting, I start this game and reach the FPS limit of 90 (for all players) on most cards. There are 2 cards on which I only get 50 fps. People speak of poor optimization, but since last month, optimization has improved dramatically by around 400% margin. For a game like this, I think it's the best optimized. The developers are very ready and keep players up to date regardless of whether you have a Standard Edition account. Support can currently take a long time because there are more players due to the corona virus. However, they are still doing a fantastic job. The game has a lot to do. People say it is very boring and repetitive. I totally disagree, a game like this shines among other shooters partly because it has the least repetition and has quests that serve as storyline in beta (the full story will be released when the game is released as far as I know) .

The quests already offer you so much to do. Seeing PVP like this with so many character mechanics and weapon feel is unreal, along with several appendices and modifications. I feel that most reviews on Google are mostly biased because they thought they could handle a hardcore shooter like this. EFT has a steep learning curve and is definitely worth either the standard edition or the currently most expensive edition (Edge of Darkness). I will definitely update this review in the course of the game and also because this review is mostly ad-lib. However, this game humbly gets a 9.5 / 10 from me. I have about 800 hours and never had any mistakes (apparently I'm really happy: D). From other reviews I've seen, I recommend a strong WiFi connection or at least 20Mbps download and at least 3Mbps upload. Otherwise, the servers sometimes have problems because this is a small Russian company that runs a big game with millions of players. I also feel that the game is very cheap for what you get (but taxes are annoying). You can also buy eft roubles in-game to get more weapons and items. This game doesn't spoon-feed you at all, but tears your tongue out, so I would recommend watching several videos first to get started and watch streamers play. For example, Pestily and Geekseh are both Youtubers who use a gold spoon to spoon food and teach you (microwave oven) everything you need to know. Even if you play as a scav and see that this never throws away a lab key card, or if you have one, just extract it and sell it 100% at the flea market. (It's expensive and a little rare)

A quick side note: This game gives me heart attacks if I peek a door and get killed in the back because I set the volume on my headphones so high and it's one loud bang and boom that you're dead. Welcome to share your EFT reviews here!
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