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Anyone have a rainbow generator? I got a question about automation

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Brian Cherrick, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Brian Cherrick

    Brian Cherrick Well-Known Member

    All 16 generators are automated, either fully, or almost fully. My problem with the rainbow generator, likes with controlling the 16 with redstone.

    I have them all set to redstone = on, so no signal is off. Yet for some reason they keep burning their fuel after that initial redstone pulse, which leads me to believe they are broken somehow in 1.12.2, and I was looking for some other way to control these properly. Cause right now it's a clusterf***. I either gotta let it run non-stop, or not at all.


    So looking for help here.
  2. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    I feel like they might have changed the behaviour so it no longer pauses mid-burn the way that it used to.
  3. Brian Cherrick

    Brian Cherrick Well-Known Member

    It keeps going period, like even after the current burn.
  4. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    You could opt to only deliver fuel one at a time, which would prevent over burning. Something like a TD Servo on a chest of fuels set to send on a redstone signal, then have a clock pulse it as needed. This way, a redstone clock or timer could send fuel to all the generators at the same time, while not leaving a stack of fuel inside to waste.
  5. Brian Cherrick

    Brian Cherrick Well-Known Member

    I thought about that but I'm not sure how to set that up the direwolf pack. But also it doesn't explain why it's happening first place but it is a nice work around.

    Do you know how to set it up?
  6. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    An xnet system works wonders. You can set it up to only run when the total rf in the battery reaches a low point. You basically have to balance the burn time of 1 netherstar, throttled vs the empty battery you're filling. It doesn't stop mid burn but it slows.

    Check out this video... great explanation but instead of conduit (enderio) use xnet.
  7. Brian Cherrick

    Brian Cherrick Well-Known Member

    I will look into that. But my disenchantment generator runs the longest at 13 minutes approximately. The halitosis generator also runs about 10 minutes.

    Does X net let you drop in one item at a time or is there still some other configuration on top of that you have to do?
  8. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    yes xnet lets you drop one item at a time in there. There's some nice easy logic to configure. Also, consider (as in the video) using fishing rods (enchanted) instead of books, great source and doesn't require a good deal of crafting or autocrafting.

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