Any one know what Mods Ssundee & Lancey are using

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DarkWingLance, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. DarkWingLance

    DarkWingLance New Member

    Does any one know what mods Sundee & Lanceypoo are useing in there Minecraft Modded Survival series. I know they say they use Dirwolf20 1.6.4 pack witha few added mods I cant figger out what ones they are can any one help me.
  2. jak0b99999

    jak0b99999 New Member

    I know for sure they added in Dartcraft and later more tnt mod and I only think not sure they added in archidemas ships sorry I couldn't give you a complete answer. Ooh I am also pretty sure they added veinminer.
  3. spiderharry02

    spiderharry02 New Member

    it's a private pack, so you can't get it on the ftb launcher! but he uploaded it for public use at the technic launcher, if you don't have it download it, and watch a tutorial on adding more modpacks to the launcher, hope i helped!
  4. Fire__Ice

    Fire__Ice Guest

    @spiderharry can i get a link?????
  5. erindalc

    erindalc Popular Member

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  6. Fire__Ice

    Fire__Ice Guest

    not that link
    a link to the modpack page
  7. erindalc

    erindalc Popular Member

    No its not. Use the search function
  8. madninga101

    madninga101 Guest

    What do I need to search?

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