any 1.14 packs yet?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by neoblackheart, Apr 29, 2019.

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    I know Minecraft 1.14 is really new but I was wondering if any good mods or modpacks have been released yet?

    I was kinda hoping for a light mod pack for a 1.14 single player on a potato pc. Something like 1 or 2 tech mods and 1 or 2 magic mods.
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    To add to this, while it is true that there is no Forge for 1.14, something called Fabric does exist for it. It's more limited in what it can do than Forge, meaning mods might be a bit less fancy, but because of the system it uses it can very easily be ported between versions. I'm pretty sure it even worked on all the 1.14 snapshots.
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    Kinda hoping it gets updated I would love to play a modded run with 1.14 I have always enjoyed setting up in villages as the "Boss"/mayor of the town so setting up one and outfitting the village with a nice big set of upgrades will be nice.
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    I have with millenaire but its not quite what I was wanting.
  7. There is modpacks but they are only mostly advertised in the Fabric Discord and used with the MultiMC launcher for so for testing, I don't know much about user modpacks but for the one I have witnessed it was rejected from curseforge due to their 'Twitch automated download' requirements, but to my knowledge most or all come from the Fabric devs besides my own and are importable through MultiMC. Sure you can try with Twitch unofficially to setup one (I have unofficially got Fabric to work with Twitch is more what I mean), but otherwise no exporting happens due to it not being completely proper and it's also not official so it doesn't tap into things but just more so makes it playable for profiles and such which I have videos on and got working for Rift and Fabric with a few files in the right place. XD

    While a request for other modloader support has a fair amount of votes for Twitch suppoprt it's not made much difference really even though I'd like it to due to the traffic it has. I plan to advertise Fabric stuff and maybe some 1.14 modpacks on a Fabric/1.14 Mods Discussion thread as a 2.0 of sorts due to the MCForums archiving and me needing a new place to put modpacks, mod links, mod updates/new mod releases, 1.14 mod help (as in users asking questions and me helping to answer them besides recommending the Fabric devs if I'm unable to and it's a major conflict) and tutorials over just some Discord or Reddit or other places that don't really suit. So if your after 1.14 modpacks or a way to create your own I know just where to look but I have to get started on this new thread over this week from what I'm archiving from the MCForums to port that over to here. At least that's my goal

    Otherwise though I'd love to see Fabric come to the FTB launcher or Twitch Officially besides just Vanilla, MultiMC, MCUpdater and I think Technic has been newly added at least but I haven't learned how to set it up yet.
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