An introduction of sorts.



Hi. I'm Jane.

I've been playing modded Minecraft for several years - since the old Tekkit pack in 1.2.5 - though I am new to this forum. My activity here will probably be mainly focused on architectural discussion since elegant design is my main interest in the game, though I am also quite experienced with most mods in a "jack of all trades, master of none" sort of way.

I like tech mods that can work together nicely. I also like magic mods, particularly Thaumcraft and its numerous addons. In general, my main point of interest for liking any primary mod (by which I mean a main mod like Thaumcraft rather than any addons which may be around to augment it) is the particular aesthetic choices that it may lead to. It is probably no surprise that I am very much a fan of Chisel.

The project that I am currently focusing on is a large end-game base inspired by the Imperial security complex in Star Wars: Rogue One. This is currently being prepared for in FTB Infinity Evolved (expert mode, because I felt like challenging myself), though other things need to be assembled first. It will not be a direct replica, merely an approximate mimic of the external appearance of the location.

I don't believe there is much more of relevance for me to say right now, so I'll conclude this introduction. -J
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Star Wars... You have my interest! . I play Star Wars Galaxies, an old MMORPG that Sony killed in December of 2011. Fortunately, some players revived it a few years ago on a public server. Probably the best sandbox game I have come across.

Look forward to seeing this build!
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