Allgorhythm's New Stream


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Jul 29, 2019
Hello Feed The Beast my name is Allgorhythm (pronounced Algorithm). So first off I wan't to thank the FTB management for having made and maintaining the Launcher and all the packs that are on it because it's makes it easier for everyone to really get into modding.

Anyway moving on I myself am a new streamer and I plan to stream FTB on Sundays at 2pm PST. I'm on twitter and it will be on twitter than you will find information regarding my stream and alerts on if I have to cancel stream that day. Here's a link to my Twitter. I'd highly reccomend following that for any updates regarding my streaming, also don't be afraid to send me some questions on twitter I'd be happy to answer them.

So that aside I will also be streaming Wednesday through Saturday starting at 2pm PST but that will begin on the 25 when I get Bloodborne, mentioning that just in case anyone is interested.

Here a link to my twitch page. Be sure to follow that it really helps. :)

Thank you for reading!
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