Open All Tinker's Hammers Stopped working



Summary of the problem All Tinker's Hammers Stopped working

Pack Version 2.5.4

What is the bug? I was mining with my tinker's hammer, it leveled up then it wouldn't mine the 3x3 area anymore. I tried making another hammer and it wouldn't mine the 3x3 area.

Mod & Version Sky Factory mudpack without the Y U No Make Good Maps mod

Link to log file

Is it repeatable?

Known Fix


This is likely caused by the fact that you are running an old version of the pack and you removed a mod that is core to the entire pack design. Install a new instance of the current version of the pack and see if the issue reappears. When you unlock and/or modify a pack from it's intended state you are taking on the burden of supporting and troubleshooting any issues yourself
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