Agrarian Skies 2

Discussion in 'Modpack Bugs' started by ZeoMage34, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. ZeoMage34

    ZeoMage34 New Member

    when i was playing this happen alot! to may jadedcats is there i can move her with a lasso but it keeps come back and back to the spot more and more pls help 2015-09-22_21.38.28.png
  2. ZeoMage34

    ZeoMage34 New Member

    is there a way i can move here where she does not come back over and over again and disapears when i move here i can move her with a lasso but it does not work
  3. ZeoMage34

    ZeoMage34 New Member

    i fix the jadecat problem i have another one at the top is just has wooden water tank if i'm corret it is post to show my stats pls get back to me using this post on the forum 2015-09-23_18.44.16.png
  4. vivalarazaa

    vivalarazaa New Member

    I think the new version has fixed this thing.

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