Open AE storage bus / quantum storage


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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem AE storage bus / quantum storage

Pack Version

What is the bug? AE storage bus do not show the correct number of items in a quantum storage. It only shows 64

Mod & Version AE & quantum storage

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes all items effected

Known Fix none


I'll quote "yueh" here:
We decided to drop any support for special inventories in 1.10 because forge provides a common interface now for anyone to use (at least up to 2^31 per slot, like a dsu).

This results in longer having to add support for every storage mod out there to every mod interacting with storages. Now each storage mod can implement their own solution and everyone can use it. And it just works. For example storage drawers, there is no special support for it on our side.

Should a mod still insists on doing it as in 1.7.10 instead of adapting to 1.10, they certainly can expect other mods not supporting it when there is another solution which requires less work and provides more benefits.
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