Closed Advanced Machines 60.0.2 Cause high CPU usage!



Summary of the problem Advanced Machines 60.0.2 Cause high CPU usage!

Pack Version 1.5.3

What is the bug? After upgrading to FTB Beyond 1.5.3 my FPS started dropping to very low numbers after some minutes in the game (down to like 60 FPS after 2 minutes from 120FPS after loading and eventually dropping to 10-20 and counting).

After a whole day of testing and excluding mods, I've found out that it's the Advanced Machines version 60.0.2 that is causing the problem.

Downgrading to 60.0.1 or upgrading to 60.0.4 solves the problem! (version 60.0.3 also causes CPU usage and FPS drops really fast).

Mod & Version Advanced Machines 60.0.2 (and 60.0.3)

Is it repeatable? Build a couple of Advanced Machines and wait for some time

Known Fix Upgrade mod to version 60.0.4 or downgrade tp 60.0.1