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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by dragon4056, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. dragon4056

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    Now i am not sure how many of you other people out there who just love Mo, creatures i am one of those people it is just a simple mod that adds so much its a great mod and if Mo, creatures could be added it would be amazing And i am wondering what you people think If it should or shouldn't Personal I would love it And i am sure most of you would to That's all i have to say, Thanks guys
  2. Omicron

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    There's a mod suggestion thread in the general FTB chat forum that you can use to express your love for this mod.

    That said, personally? I'm not a fan. I've played with Mo' Creatures twice before, and both times it completely broke the game because I was not able to find specific resources anymore. All the spawnpoints for vanilla creatures tend to be clogged up with the mod's new creatures, and a large number of these creatures are predators that kill every other non-predator creature (and sometimes each other too). Want to play with Mystcraft? You're going to need ink. Unfortunately squids rarely ever spawn anymore, and what few do spawn get instantly eaten by sharks the very second the chunk gets loaded (which usually means minutes before you actually get there). And there's no other source for ink. Welp, guess Mystcraft isn't going to be used...

    There is an ingame config for spawn probabilities, but after extensive testing, you pretty much need to disable 90% of all added creatures to have even a remote chance of finding a vanilla creature when you need it. At that point, you may as well uninstall the mod, which is what I did.

    Not to mention the Ogres. Are you a server admin who hates Endermen, because they completely wreck the landscape if the server runs 24/7 for long enough? One Ogre does in a single Minecraft night what 20 Endermen need a day of RL time to do. Enjoy your wasteland.
  3. EN1RA

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    Doesn't the mod have permission issues? Is DrZhark opposed to its inclusion or is its absence a simple result of the ftb team not being that passionate about adding it?
  4. Victor Ferrão

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    Hey people, i'm new here, end coincidently, i was trying to add mo'creatures to Mindcrack pack of FTB.
    What i did was this:
    1-Mo'Creatures and custon mob spawner in the main mod list.
    2- GUI API in the Core Mod folder.
    3- Launch.
    The result was almost satisfatory cuz i could create world normally, apparently no item overwritted any other item from the other packs, and i got all the mo'creatures but ALL of then (the mo'creatures mobs) are mute, with no sound effects at all... and i just can't understaind why, and can't fix the problem.
    Could you guys help me with that?

    Sorry the not enought good english folks, i'm from Brazil. =]

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