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Open Server Accursed | Tolkiencraft II | Open

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Venithar, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Venithar

    Venithar New Member

    Server IP and TS info:

    General Info:

    Accursed is a part of a gaming community which has existed since January of 2013. We currently run 3 minecraft servers. Our server ops are all experienced in running servers, and are generally good natured.

    We will attempt to keep the modpack as pure as possible (i.e. not disabling/changing anything). This could change at any time, based on what we see players doing. We will also update the server as new versions become available as soon as possible (please note we will not update the server until it has been updated on the FTB launcher). PVP is allowed, as Middle Earth has both good and evil factions, we feel players should be allowed to fight other players who have sided with an opposing faction.

    Current slots - 25 (can be increased if needed)


    - Respect other players and the staff.
    - Don't hack/exploit (if you are caught, we will ban you, there will be no second chances)
    - Griefing is not allowed (please note, there are ways within the mod pack to protect your property, greifing in this case is considered to be needless destruction of the environment)
    - No spam, it is annoying. If you want to spam, go follow your mother around saying "mom, mom, mom." I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

    Disabled Mods/Items:

    None - could change based on server stability/player actions

    Current Version 2.9.5

    Edit: Updated with new port
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  2. enake

    enake New Member

    ts3.accursed.net doesnt seem to work
  3. Venithar

    Venithar New Member

    That's odd, as I just connected using that address. Try connecting using the IP I guess.. (same IP for the minecraft server incase you have issues with the mc.accursed.net address)
  4. konaka123

    konaka123 Guest

    Hey I tried joining your server but you did not state which version you are using so I cannot find it.Could you let me know?
  5. Venithar

    Venithar New Member

    Updated to v2.8.5
  6. LoriV

    LoriV New Member

    So I'm trying to join the server and I have 2.8.5 downloaded and I'm getting mod rejections. What version are you running?
  7. Venithar

    Venithar New Member

    I apologize, we recently got a new server and did not reload tolkiencraft. I have reinstalled it with the latest version running.
  8. CozzaG

    CozzaG Guest

    Hi i would like to join and create a friendly community, but is it tolkiencraft II or I? Because i have tolkiencraft II on the Curse Launcher and i was wondering if that was the same modpack that you use on the server
  9. OldManZealot

    OldManZealot Guest

    So regarding the quest lines you can do there seems to be a bit of a server wide problem. One of the quests in your journal calls for you to seek and kill a troll, arriving at the troll's lair you must obviously eliminate it to progress onward in the quests, if you die by it and return for your grave you can't break the grave which can potentially be a very large loss. There's a server protection zone within a certain distance of the troll, (which makes sense so this area isn't ruined for other players' sake) but because of this players can't retrieve their graves i.e their items.

    Basically I would suggest that something should be done about this, though that's just an idea/favor to all other players who come into this issue. Sadly I don't have any fancy propositions that can be of use in this issue, apart from moving items in graves to chests or manually having the player break their grave if the server protection zone was removed.

    Thanks if you read this or want it to be resolved.
  10. OldManZealot

    OldManZealot Guest

    Sorry for being a bother, but it seems every time I try and join it comes up with connection lost/server closed. This began when I used a charm of dislocation I had found, though I have no clue where the charm lead to, let alone what makes me lose my connection. Again sorry for all the fuss but possible help would be awesome. ^-^
  11. every time I come on this server one of your admins or he is players are after me they keep teleporting to towns near me to kill me just because we stole form a base but your rules are no griefing not stealing I cant play on this server because ever time I long on he hunts me to steal me stuff and I haft to wait till he logs off to move to a different spot because he wait were I log off so he can kill me there name is mandalore07 and ill reapeat what they did and what they are doing they killed me friend, teleports to near by town to kill me and waits for me to log on to kill me
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2017
  12. Venithar

    Venithar New Member

    One of the admins? There are 3 admins on the server, none of which have logged in recently other than me when I logged in last week to fix a chunk.

    The rules do state no griefing, and they specify what the staff considers griefing. While I sympathize with your plight, you will need to work this out with that player. You can also hide where you are on the map in the settings, so he can't just look at the map to find you.
  13. I cant when I join I leave right away so I don't get killed I just tried to join and he was there
  14. and every time a join I pee my self a little ;-;
  15. Mandalore has griefed shadow and my base please help.
  16. yea ender has proof he has screenshots and you can check the chat he said ok I'm done ill leave you to repair it
  17. grief·er
    noun: griefer; plural noun: griefers
    1. (in an online game or community) a person who harasses or deliberately provokes other players or members in order to spoil their enjoyment.
  18. Venithar

    Venithar New Member

    As I own the server, I can define griefing as I please. Quoting a dictionary definition to me isn't going to help.
  19. ok then ill change the meaning of peace to war
  20. Venithar

    Venithar New Member

    "A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game, using aspects of the game in unintended ways."
    - There was no unintended mechanic

    From wiki- "Methods of griefing differ from game to game. What might be considered griefing in one area of a game may even be an intended function or mechanic in another area. "

    As the server is a pvp server, killing you for raiding his base isn't griefing. This is why I specified what was considered griefing. If the rules for the server are not to your liking, then I guess you should move on to a different server.

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