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Casual Server A small server of 6

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Himan227, May 4, 2013.

  1. Himan227

    Himan227 New Member

    hello everyone! my name is dustin/ himan227 as you would see in a server. I am looking for someone to host a server(whitelisted, ultimate ftb) just to have fun on and maybe record some things. If you cant host at least give me directions on how to port-foward. here is the format for hosting a server
    1.minecraft name
    2.skype name(if u dont feel comfortable putting it out in the open, inbox me!)
    3.your age( at least above 10)
    4.availabiltity to host server
    5. average connection speed(for the internet)
    6.(optional) computer hardware....so we can be on the same page

    after i get/make a server i will make a new form for people to apply....please when you get the server up just put the ip here with your form and make sure it is whitelisted
  2. KirinDave

    KirinDave New Member

    Wrong forum.
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  3. Goggles998

    Goggles998 New Member

    I could help you port forward your router.
    MC Name: Goggles998
    Skype: I will pm you. However I have no mic so I can only chat(sorry)
    Age: 15
    Host: Sorry but I can't my machine wouldn't be able to handle it
    Connection speed: Around 30mbps download and 3mbps upload
    Hardware: 4gb RAM, 2.9ghz processor integrated graphics
  4. Himan227

    Himan227 New Member

    i honestly didnt pay attention to much to the forum sorry
  5. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    People aren't stupid, you will end up paying for a host if you want anything decent.
  6. Himan227

    Himan227 New Member

    ummmm thx... i wasnt trying to dupe anyone... i just wanted a small server me hosting or someone else[DOUBLEPOST=1367714816][/DOUBLEPOST]ummmm thx... i wasnt trying to dupe anyone... i just wanted a small server me hosting or someone else

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