A few trusted people.

Zein Eizoku

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I am looking for a handful maybe 3-4 people that would be interested in talking over a research system I am working. I have a handful of friends around me that have talked with it to me. However, they are biased so having some outside eyes talking about what is happening could help. Most likely discussions would be held in a Discord room since I'd like to keep this a little of a surprise.

I am also using google Docs to keep the outline of my thought process and such. As mentioned this is the early stages of development for the research mechanic so there is no code for this part yet. I'd rather have something sold in the form of a documented plan before I waste time on code for something I could end up scrapping.

Either way anyones general input is welcome. If you just want to use this to spit ball what you'd like to see or what you hate I am more then happy to read them and discuss it.

Thank you all for your time.

~also since this is for a Mod, I post this in the Mod topic instead of General discussion... If a moderator feels it fits somewhere else just move it obviously and let me know if possible :) ~