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Summary of the problem A few issies

Pack Version 1.2.1

What is the bug? 1: BiblioCraft signs, can't edit.
2: RFTools Screens, can't edit.
3: Clipboard mod, UI want stay open when on wall. right click when on wall.
4: Thermal Expansion, Numismatic Dynamo, when insert iron coin, game crashes.
5: Forge Microblocks, when sprint running on will crash game. (pillars)
6: ProjectRed Illumination, (Inverted White Fallout Light) Same as above.
7: Dark Utilities, Sneaky Pressure Plat crashes game when chisel mod block is on it. (cobble tile) then use pick to break.
8: Gendustry, Industrial Apiary crashes game when picked. Used enderio dark pick to pick up. Looks like enderio cables may be causing it. (was under it) if remove cables first, then it's fine.
9: Forestry, bee chest does not close.

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Is it repeatable? happens every time.

Known Fix