99% cpu and memory leak problem

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by TheWay, Nov 12, 2016.

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    Title 99% cpu and memory leak problem

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    Modpack any

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    Have you modified the pack? No

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    Details of the issue everytime I open a pack it destroys my PC legit this is stupid and it only happened after windows 10 when I was using windows 8.1 I had zero problems running ftb but now it will barely open and run any pack because of the log spam crap and makes my memory and cpu go to 100%. Afterwords if it does happen to open the game my pc runs like dialup and 1 fps someone please help this is my like 5th time posting this and its quite sad no one is doing s*** about it.
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    Ok... So you have created two other threads about this issue. And I actually replied on one of them. YOU NEVER replied back to that thread when people did try to help you. Now, calm down a little and explain exactly what the issues. Are you actually getting a crash? Or is it just general system slowness. What pack are you trying to run? How much memory have you allocated to run the pack? Also, post a log file helps. Locate the log file and paste it to http://paste.feed-the-beast.com/. Copy the URL out of your browser address bar and post it in reply here. We will try our best to help you. But we are basically blind and can't see your system or what you are doing on your system. So you have help us understand what exactly the issue is.

    I can tell you that I upgraded from windows 8.1 on one machine and windows 7 on another to windows 10 and I've had no issues running FTB. However, I have heard of a lot of issues with the Intel GPUs and drivers being able to run OpenGL which minecraft needs to run.
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    Every time I have posted people stopped posting on it after I replied (which I did reply). I stream the game on twitch.tv/thewayman if you want to watch me open the game I have plenty of vods showing me trying to play any modpack with 4gb of ram allocated and it just destroys my pc (that is actually a good pc). The does not crash if I allocate 4+gb of ram rather it slows down my computer to a halt and makes everything run slow so I can't play minecraft unless I want extreme amounts of lag. But I did no one seems to understand what I was saying or even bothered to help I am sure people will stop posting after I post like last time. I close out of my logger because I can't imagine it is helping in any way but probably making it worse haven't really confirmed it but the logspamming doesn't help.
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    haven't used windows in a long time, nor ever paid attention to it but
    underneath GPU information makes me think the GPU driver is installed inside the system32 folder which doesn't seem right to me. Again, as I never paid attention to where it installs stuff like that nor have I used windows in a good while allows for the possibility that I am wrong about that and its perfectly normal.

    Having said that making sure that you have the correct drivers never hurt. Also can you post the specs of your computer? There where plenty of times where people claimed their computer was "pretty good" and more often then not it turned out that their specs where not at all great when it comes to modded minecraft.
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    So you are running twitch + SSP and other stuff. Have you considered getting a 2nd machine just to take the server load of your system? If you look at all of the serious youtubers and twitch streamers they all use a 2nd system just to off load the server processes and free up resources on the machine they are using for streaming. And I will agree your system looks decent. But something is chewing up either memory or CPU and that is causing your issue. And I don't think it is minecraft or FTB. The next time you run your stuff have the task manager open and see what is consuming your RAM and CPU. See if you can locate the bottleneck that way.

    There are a lot of people out there with windows 10 systems (me included) that don't have performance issues. And my system is about 3 years old but it does have an i7 at 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM and old Nvida 570 card.

    EDIT: BTW: your java version is fine. It is 64bit java 8.
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    Okay watching the vod now. I see you did pull up task manager. Two things I noticed. First, you are maxing out your CPU. Your i7 has 4 cores. Which means anytime you hit over 25% FTB/minecraft is probably pegged at 100% of that core. Look at the Performance tab in to verify what the individual CPUs are doing. Second, the 1.10 packs are memory hogs. Give them around 6GB. Also, my recommendation above still applies. Get another machine to take the server process/load.

    I hope all of this helps.
  9. lenscas

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    he only has 8 GB of RAM, thus giving minecraft 6 GB of RAM is not an option as that leaves only 2 GB of RAM for his os+other stuff and unless windows finally did some major optimization when it comes to RAM usage windows alone will already take almost 2 GB of that.
  10. jikuja

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    [INFO] MainHelpers.printInfo:49: System memory: 4352M free, 8145M total
    [INFO] MCLauncher.setMemory:273: Setting MaxMemory to 4608
    That configuration already has problems which triggers weird memory behaviour.
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    My computer isn't a problem at all due to the fact that I have played these modpacks before windows 10. This MUST be a problem difference between windows 8 and windows 10 that causes a memory leak. Keep this in mind when replying because streaming with anything I have simply doesn't solve or fix anything. If I were to run nothing but the modpack it would STILL have issues and it does because I've done it with nothing up. Like I said I use to play infinity evolved a lot
    with no problems... This problem is very interesting because there is nothing that seems to be a clear problem, it isn't related to my PC simply due to the fact I use to be able to play perfectly fine. This just starting happening AFTER windows 10 update. If you would like me to test something out on stream just suggest it. Maybe a different modpack different ram's etc. I honestly can't put anymore ram into it simply due to the fact it is already kinda destroying my pc for no reason. It never even came close to 99% infact it was only at like 30% to 40% before windows 10. Thanks for the suggestions but try thinking about the situation before saying something because trying to relate to the computer being a problem simply doesn't help at all.
  13. Henry Link

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    I saw the vod you did. I believe you have issue. But you aren't taking any of the advise offered here either. I know for a fact that Infinity Lite and Hermit Pack need more than 4 GB to run. Somewhere between 5 and 6 GB is best. I've experienced this on my windows 10 box. Also, I never play SSP. Even if I'm the only one I always play off of server. Spiting the client away from the server is the biggest thing you can to reduce your system overhead.
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  14. lenscas

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    Let me say it very simple. Your current setup seems to need More RAM then your pc has.
  15. Also realize that Windows 10 uses more memory than windows 8 - so yeah it may have run fine before the upgraded to Windows 10. Also note that when you upgrade to Windows 10 there are a lot of updates being processed in the background (if automatic updates is turned on)
  16. JmzBlond

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    1.10 modpacks use more memory than 1.7, infinity evolved(1.7.2) uses less than Infinity lite(1.10.2). Win10 also use more memory.
    The CPU useage is fine it only peaks during loading.

    You are maxing out you available memory making everything else unable to operate. Your computer is the problem you need more memory.

  17. Ummmm, that would be the first thing to fix shouldn't be doing that. good catch @jikuja

    But it seems he is set on it being a Windows 10 issue and wont let anyone tell him otherwise.... I don't even think he is trying suggestions (by the way he words his messages) but could be wrong...
  18. TheWay

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    The fact is I've started it with 5gbs of ram. The issue lies when I open the game and run it it destroys my pc,(causing the game to have low fps and spike lag every 2 to 3 seconds) the solution couldn't possiblely be by running MORE RAM making it harder for my pc to deal with the load of the pack. If I go up to 99% on cpu and memory it doesn't solve the problem and I have done it it doesn't fix it. It's not me dead set on something its the fact I tried it and it simply did not work? Not sure if you can understand what I am saying since I am speaking english.
    This is the SAME computer I use to play packs with a year ago, the only difference is I put in a new graphics card a gtx960, infact I ran minecraft better with normal integrated graphics. If my computer is the problem why would I be able to play previously on windows 8 with zero lag zero problems? I hate to repeat my self in the sense that I've tried to tell you guys that I USE TO HAVE ZERO PROBLEMS PLAYING MODPACKS AND RAN THEM FINE BEFORE WITH THE SAME COMPUTER WITH OUT 99% CPU AND MEMORY. PLEASE READ before posting. It doesn't make any sense to say "oh it worked on your computer before? but now your computer is the problem because you upgraded it?" what are you actually trying to say. I've tried opening with more ram. The fact is the game does open and just has zero left over memory or ram to actually physically run the game. For example I opened it with 5 GB of ram, I join a world and have constantly FPS problems with lots of lag on memory side. Note I RAN THE SAME PACK BEFORE FTB infinity(evolved) 1.7.2 when it first came out before I had windows 10, i'm just giving as much information as possible not saying it is windows 10. The coloration between the two things is simply a time stamp rather then blame. I don't actually understand what you guys aren't reading.
  19. TheWay

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    But w/e don't listen to what I have to say I tried to explain my issue but no one seems to be contributing any bit twoards a solution I've tried everything that you guys have said before and before I've looked at everything with windows 10 to make my computer run faster and better, clearing up space, everything. If I have to upgrade my computers ram for no reason I simply wont. I use to play ftb every day no problems. But I mean that couldn't happen because My computer clearly is the only problem.
  20. Scottly318

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    Explain why you think they aren't reading it and how they haven't contributed to helping you? I just read the thread top to bottom 3 time and saw at least four people contributing. Henry link specifically said he watched the vod. I don't have anything to add that hasn't been said, but I'm not seeing how you come to the conclusion that none of these people attempted to help. I've played several packs from 1.10.2 and 1.7.10 since I updated to windows 10. And the os seems to need more memory to run.

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