Open 2.5.3: Some Natura Trees not working with MFR




What is the bug:
In multiplayer, Some natura saplings aren't working with the MFR planter. (Maple, Silverbell, Amaranth, Tigerwood, Willow, and Hopseed.) I haven't tested single-player.

Mod & Version: log:

Can it be repeated:
Yes. Without the Minetweaker script, add any of the Rare Saplings (mt blockinfo ID) to the MFR planter. Nothing happens. Add the script, they become plantable/harvestable/fertilizable.

Known Fix:
Add the trees (except hopseed) to the planter via Minetweaker, and they work. Hopseed appears to be bugged:

Here's the mfr.zs for the saplings:

Harvester/Fertilizer work without needing Minetweaker.