Open 2.5.3: Crafted items are un-crafted on accessing chest

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    What is the bug:
    After a certain time of running the game, I find that when crafting certain items (tested with combining armor pieces and crafting ingots into nuggets, not sure about others) the crafted result(s) will appear in my inventory, but as soon as I attempt to access another inventory, including vanilla chests, an ME terminal, and JABBA barrels, the ingredients I just used in crafting will re-appear in my inventory, as if I had never crafted them.

    For example, I attempted to craft some Pulsating Iron (Ender IO) ingots into pulsating iron nugget using the 2x2 crafting grid in the vanilla inventory. It worked, and the nuggets appeared in my inventory. However, when I right clicked on my ME Crafting Terminal, all of my pulsating iron nuggets instantly disappeared, converting back into the equivalent number of ingots.

    Mod & Version:
    Sky Factory 2.5.3 log:

    Can it be repeated:
    It appears to repeat eventually, but doesn't have any obvious trigger.

    Known Fix:
    Exiting to the menu and reloading the world seems to fix it, though it does seem to eventually re-appear. I don't know what triggers it.
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    Sounds like some terrible kind of tick-speed "lag". If you try to open your inventory (or any for that matter), does it take longer than usual?

    While the issue is happening:
    What does the F3 overlay say about memory use in the right upper corner?
    What does the "/tps" command return?
  3. Auride

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    Hello. I'm not experiencing the issue at the moment (haven't been for a couple days now, possibly due to shorter play sessions). However I do remember that there wasn't really any unusual delay in opening my inventory, or any other inventory for that matter. I can't answer your other questions right now, though, unfortunately.

    If this occurs again, I'll return here and see what I can find.
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