Open 2.5.2: AE2 + Compacting Drawers dupe bug




What is the bug:
SF2.5.2 server - With 2 empty Compacting Drawers hooked up to an ME system via a Storage Bus on a +1 priority Drawer Controller, ingots behave very strangely

Mod & Version: log:

Can it be repeated:
Yes, here's how I did it reliably:

- Have 2 empty Compacting Drawers hooked to a +1 priority Drawer Controller
- Insert 10 Tin Ingots via Crafting Terminal
- Both Drawers show Tin Ingots, but only 1 actually contains the 10 at this point
- Check Crafting Terminal, shows 10 Blocks, 90 Ingots, 810 Nuggets. You can take out the 10 Blocks, the Ingots and Nuggets stay in the Terminal window, but can't be withdrawn

Known Fix:


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Sounds like a bug with Storage Drawers not sending the correct item/content data from the ME Import to the Compacting Drawers...probably just a line of code that has an incorrect reference.

Did some testing...This requires two empty Compacting drawers, hooked up to a drawer controller, which is hooked up via Storage Bus to an ME Network. Only some ME input methods worked (Terminals and Interfaces worked, but an Import Bus didn't). It seems to work with anything that compresses with Compacting Drawers (tested with Cobble, Tin Ingots, Iron Ingots, Coal, and even 16 Gold Nuggets turned into 16 Gold Blocks). Attempting to insert any more of an item into the ME system will place it in the Compacting Drawer that is somehow "saved" to that material, but was actually empty (doesn't matter if it's the block, ingot, or nugget). Then removing all items (the duped blocks plus the extra block/ingot/nugget placed in the "empty" compacting drawer) allows you to repeat the dupe.

I think this needs to be reported to Storage Drawers at and if someone else doesn't get to it before I can write up a better explanation, I will. About to pass out though.