Open 2.5.0: Tesseract Issues


Toby Foxx


What is the bug:
So I'm trying to send power from my Big Reactor up about 30 blocks to my machine wall and energy buffer system. Now when I set up the tesseract and an Energy Cell a handful of blocks away it works without issue, but when I move the blocks up to the area they are supposed to be in all of a sudden it stops working. I've tried everything: attaching tesseract directly to power tap (PT) and energy cell (EC), using a Cryo-stabilized fluxduct to connect tess to PT and EC, putting both tesseracts in both send/rec mode as well as the corresponding setting for each side. I only have one ender frequency so it isn't that either. Will include screenshots if needed.

EDIT: Only config I've changed is to allow Magical Crops seeds to replicate at their default drop chance.

Mod & Version: log:

Can it be repeated:
Have repeated the issue multiple times

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Jul 29, 2019
That sounds odd...screenshots or a video showing all config tabs for all tesseracts might be helpful.