Open 2.5.0: Mobs incorrectly interacting with half slabs , and Grave stones as well!




What is the bug:
So far only issues I have run across is that mobs both hostile and non- hostile tend to float under half slabs and then reappear!

Not Just a visual glitch either, they still function as they can attack threw the floor had a lot of troubles taking down a group of them after a creeper teleported out between the slabs of my mob spawner and exploded , gave me my first leak of way to many mobs and the issue presented itself ..

Also found out during this mess that if you die on half slab there is a chance that your grave will actually float into the void rather then on the surface Not sure if this was intentional , but does not seem correct !

If anyone else has seen this ,and possible found solution to the issue please post thanks !

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Can it be repeated:

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