Open 2.4.2: Single Player Cant Do Anything bug

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What is the bug:
I've started a single player world and its generated some chunks, but I cant break anything. when i do, it will eventually jump back to where I was, with everything unbroken. I've started a few worlds in an attempt to recreate the issue, but most of the time it just loads me falling through an empty black void. I have 32 gb of ram, so that shouldn't be the issue. i have it set to use half of my possible ram. any assistance would be appreciated. also, I dont know if it helps, but after three days, i started the game up in that world that created some chunks. i was able to move some and break a log before nothing would break.

Mod & Version: log:

Can it be repeated:
yeah, i can repeat it every time i log into the game. but it gives no error. it just doesn't allow me to play.

Known Fix: