Open 2.4.2: 2.5.0 nuggets not in ore dictionary

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What is the bug:
First - 2.5 isn't in the version dropdown in this form.

Anyway, I just ugraded from 2.1.3 or thereabouts, and a lot of my recipes broke. It seems Thaumcraft ore nuggets (and probably others) aren't in the dictionary matched to the others, so e.g. my AE2 autocrafters will product Thaumcraft iron nuggets, but then can't use them in any recipes for my solar panels.

I got around this by adding the minetweaker metalsunification.zs script, but I think it should still be addressed for other players.

Mod & Version: log:

Can it be repeated:
Yes, make some ae2 recipes for solar expansion panels in an older version, then upgrade to 2.5, and the recipes won't work. They'll complain of not enough nuggets, even though you have a nugget recipe, because it's a different mod's nugget.

Known Fix:
Workaround: add a metalsunification.zs minetweaker script.

Real fix: Match up all ore nuggets in the dictionary.


Between this version there has been an update to AE which added an option to use the ore dictionary, or not.

I noticed that, and I spent 10 minutes tediously turning on the ore dictionary in all my patterns, but it didn't fix the nuggets. A lot of other patterns were fixed by turning it on but not nuggets.