Open 2.4.2: 2.5.0 : Minetweaker scripts not working

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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
Hello, I'm trying to change the receipes of ComputerCraft (replacing the redstone dust by a diamond) with a MineTweaker .zs script. The script is working, I already tested it. My current gamemode is "normal", not "expert". I just wanted to set the computer a bit less cheaty because a redstone dust only, it's really too cheat!

The problem: I placed the script on my server (in the /scripts/ folder, and tried more later in /modpack/common/scripts/]) but it does not modify anything, except if I do a "/minetweaker reload", the new recipes are seen as expected, but only for players that are currently connected on the server at this exact moment. When they logout and login again for example, they see old receipes again.

Where exactly I had to put my script? Do I have to modify "modpack/normal/InfinityPackWideChanges.zs" ? Why MineTweaker is not sending modifications to the client without a "/minetweaker reload" ? Thank in advance !

PS : Players don't have the script in their computer, it's was not required when I tested the script in my last server. It was only on the server and all players was able to see the changes.

Mod & Version:
MC 1.7.10 - Infinity 2.5.0 Normal log:

Can it be repeated:

Known Fix:


I've had this issue before. Disabling FTBLib fixes the issue but I believe that ftbtweaks and ftbultilities depend on it so you might have to disable those aswell. But that did fix the problem for me. Please note if you disable FTBTweaks you will have to use /scripts/ folder for sctipts :p
GitHub Issue can be found here
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