Open 2.3.3: Untrustworthy Searing Tanks!


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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
When i grab some creosote oil from a wooden barrel (immersive engineering) i got a creosote bucket (IE) in my hand.

When i used that bucket on a searing tank (TiC), it got filled like expected but i didn't get my bucket back.

I miss my bucket :'(

I have encountered this bug twice now so i think its confirmed.
The searing tank is supposed to work without losing buckets when being used stand alone as portable liquid storage device right?

I need to be able to trust the searing tank with any liquids that i can put in it as it seems like a good portable liquid tank. But i don't want to lose a bucket every time i put some unusual liquid in it, it works fine with lava i believe (its most intended use i guess), maybe i'm just not supposed to use it as a portable tank and only use it for lava to feed the smelter... i guess i can live with that.

Immersive Engineering metal barrel for modpack version 2.2.2 (outdated IE) issue:
Also noticed that wooden barrels keep liquid in them when you break them but metal barrels lose their liquid when broken.

Mod & Version: Tinkers Construction & Immersive Engineering

Can it be repeated: Yes and Yes

Known Fix: None for searing tank consuming bucket issue and for the metal barrel losing liquid on break issue: update Immersive Engineering to a newer version (works on InEv 2.3.3, but it isn't the recommended version so a lot of people may encounter this bug)

This bug essentially forced me to play 2.3.3 instaid of the recommended 2.2.2 version, maybe i should have staid with 2.2.2 but used enderio for my portable liquid storage device.
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