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1fps FTB Direwolf20

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Lovely, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Lovely

    Lovely Guest

    My desktop has an i7 930 @3ghz+, 12gb ram, ssd, windows 7x64, 7970, java runtime 8 update 112 x64

    When I load up FTB with the 4gb default settings @1080p, I change the gfx settings in game to performance no particles+clouds+shadows. Taskmanager shows the java.exe with the game running at 5gb, then the other one around 300mb approx.

    I get 1FPS. I believe back when I had a different version of Java i was getting 10fps. Why cant I get 60?
  2. erindalc

    erindalc Popular Member

    Which launcher are you using? You're playing D20 1.10.2 I assume?

    Try increasing your RAM to 6gb and install Foamfix if it's not already there.
    Take a screenshot of your current graphics settings.
    Close any background programs you might have running.

    Also your computer's CPU and GPU are quite old, so it's possible they aren't capable of handling a large pack like Direwolf20, especially since performance in 1.10.2 with lots of mods is arguably worse than 1.7.10.
  3. Lovely

    Lovely Guest

    Increased it to 5gb in the curse launcher.

    Back in alpha I was able to run a server and play on the same PC with smoooth 60+fps frame rate. What is wrong about my setup that is keeping it at 1FPS?

    When I have the pie chart on the screen 99% is filled by Tick.

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  4. Lovely

    Lovely Guest

    Im sad at the lack of documentation when trying to fix my fps problem.

    All the posts, wiki's, and videos never mentioned that default mipmap level of 4 makes your FPS drop to 1. Now that I made MipMap = 1, i get 100+fps and can play.

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