[128x/64x] Sphax: Mindcrack and Direwolf20 Texture Pack Add-Ons

Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by jakeytaylor, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. xSINZx

    xSINZx New Member

    They are constantly being updated and changed by the talented young guys/gals that put time and effort into the addon packs to be part of the Sphax look. Sphax himself has little to do with the addon packs, is what my understanding is. He has enough to do keeping the default working.
  2. SReject

    SReject New Member

    Ah, I didn't mean the basic sphax but the 'addon' pack itself in the OP
  3. Karimiri

    Karimiri New Member

    hi, im trying to confirm something:
    do you guyz have problem with "animation" texture of "frame motor" from RedPower2 support ?
  4. zizicool1

    zizicool1 New Member

    So has anyone had this problem? or know how to fix it
  5. xSINZx

    xSINZx New Member

    Looks like you are using an Old version of Sphax my Frame Motor is fine check that your .png looks like this one as in the way its laid out. If it dosnt then you have the wrong one for this version of RP.
  6. xSINZx

    xSINZx New Member

    Could be an incorrect version of Optifine. Best way I have found to check if the Sphax addons are current is to look at the mods themselves inside you can view the items.png world etc and then check your sphax pack against it if they are laid out differently they wont work correctly.
  7. Karimiri

    Karimiri New Member

    they are the same. thing is i have same issue on every "HD pack" and only with frame motor
    when i disable optifine(with 64x64 texture file loaded), frame motor uses "pump-row" textures, but with 16x16 ressolution.
    i know there was some problem like that in the past and i think it should be fixed by mow(saw some changelog with info onthat)...

    im on mindcrack v8.0.1 pack, is it possible i got wrong RP2 verrsion or someting ?
  8. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    Are the headless zombies a bug again or an intended feature? Sphax is the only pack I get em in now...
  9. xSINZx

    xSINZx New Member

    Intended. Just like the muscle zombie and the zombie with the skeleton head.
  10. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    Okay that's cool. I just remember getting em as a bug in several packs a few patches ago XD
  11. Xeropoint

    Xeropoint New Member

    Thank you so much! Time to figure out how to install optifine! Those look fantastic!
  12. Razielxv

    Razielxv New Member

    Can someone tell me how to install the 128. i tired putting all the files into mindcrack>minecraft>texturepacks but that didn't work anyhelp?
  13. daveydee3

    daveydee3 Guest

  14. Demigod

    Demigod New Member

    wow... sadface i can't download the DW20 and MindCrack addon pack X.X the download link has 500 internal server error
  15. lpb007

    lpb007 New Member

    I Am Having the Same Problem. but i have No Texture for moving frame motors

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