[1.7.10][WIP][Unlisted] ConstructPack [Balanced Tech/Magic Pack]


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Jul 29, 2019
This pack is a work in progress and this post will be updated in the coming days.

The pack will have an official server that will be started later this week. ConstructPack is heavy influenced by the TPPI2 pack (with just about all of the same mods), but will have some changed configs and additional mods added/removed. Balance in this pack is of the utmost importance and will be heavily watched even after the pack is released. For now the pack needs a page to link permission back to mod authors.

Links are being added back to the original mod post as per-permission requirements, but I will eventually add links back to all the mods when I get time.
Advanced Repulsion Systems v59.0.2
Advanced Solar Panels v3.5.1
Another One Bites the Dust 2 v2.5.0
Apple Core v1.1.0
Applied Energistics 2 rv2-beta-28
Armor Status HUD v1.28
AsieLib v0.3.13
Automagy v0.22.2
Baubles v1.0.1.10
Bibliocraft v1.10.3
Big Reactors v0.4.3A
Binnie's Mods 2.0-pre8
Biomes O' Plenty v2.1.0.1237
Blood Magic v1.3.2-1
Botania v1.3-182
BspkrsCore v6.15
Buildcraft v6.4.13
Buildcraft Compat v6.4.2
Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.6
Chisel 2 v2.3.10.37
Chisel Tones v1.0-1
Code Chicken Core v1.0.5.37
COFH Core v3.0.2-262
Computronics v1.4.6
Cookie Core v1.3.1-7
CustomThings v0.0.2-27
Damage Indicators v3.2.3
Dense Ores v1.6.2
Dimensional Anchors v59.0.2
EiraIRC v2.8
Electrical Age Beta v1.9-r46
EnderIO v2.3.0.375
Ender Storage v1.4.5.33
ExtraCells v2.2.69b
ExtraTiC v1.4.1
Extra Utilities v1.2.4b
FastCraft v1.21
Forge MultiPart v1.1.0.331
FlatSigns v2.1.0.19
FlaxBeards Steam Power v0.28.7
Forbidden Magic v0.562
Forestry v3.5.4.13
GraviSuite v2.0.3
Guide-API v1.0-13
Hardcore Ender Expansion v1.8
Hats v4.0.1
IC2 Nuclear Control v2.2.1a-Yolo
iChunUtil v4.2.2
Illuminated Bows v1.7.1f
Immibis Core v59.0.8
Immibis' Microblocks v59.0.5
Industrial Craft 2exp v2.2.717
Infernal Mobs v1.7.10
InfiniBows v1.3.0.20
INpureCore v1.0.0B9-54
Inventory Tweaks v1.59-dev-156
Iron Chests 2 v6.0.62.742
JABBA v1.2.1a
JourneyMap 5.0.1
KitchenCraft-combo v0.0.1-57
Lib Sandstone v1.0.0
Logistics Pipes v0.8.3.118
Magic Bees v2.2.3
Malisis Core v0.11.4
Malisis Doors 1.6
Mantle v0.3.2.187
Mekanism v8.1.0
Mekanism Generators v8.1.1.225
MineFactory Reloaded v2.8.0-104
MineTweaker 3 v3.0.9C
MmmMmmMmmMmm v1.6
Mobius Core v1.2.5
ModpackTweaks v1.2.0-24
ModularArmour v1.0.4-27
ModTweaker2 v0.8.0
MoreChisels v1.0-20
Morph v0.9.1
Natura v98.6a6cca1
NEI Addons v1.12.6.18
NEI Integration v1.0.9
Nether Ores v2.3.0-12
Not Enough Codecs v0.3-13
Not Enough Items v1.0.4.95
Open Blocks v1.4.1-snapshot-601
Open Computers v1.5.9.591-dev
Open Eye v0.6-snapshot-145
Open Mods Lib v0.7.1-snapshot-342
Railcraft v9.5.0.0
Random Things v2.2.4
RecipeTweakingCore v1.1.0-8
Red Logic v59.1.9
Redstone Armory v1.1-28
Redstone Arsenal v1.1.0-80
Refined Relocation v1.0.8a
Reliquary v1.2.257
Sanguimancy v1.1.9-26
ServerTools BACKUP v2.2.0.24
ServerTools CORE v2.2.0.79
Steves Carts 2 v2.0.0b18
Steves Factory Manager vA93
Storage Drawers v1.3.9
Super Massive Tech v0.3.0-alpha-110
Thaumcraft 4 v4.2.3.5
ThaumcraftNEIPlugin v1.7
Thaumic Energistics v0.8.9.3a-rv2
Thaumic Exploration v1.1-37
Thaumic Tinkerer v2.5-485
Thermal Dynamics v1.0.0-122
Thermal Expansion v4.0.1-182
Thermal Foundation v1.0.0-81
Tinkers Construct v1.8.4-940
Tinkers Mechworks v0.2.14.100
Tinkers Steelworks v1.1.0-13
Tinkers Tooltips v1.2.3
TPPI-Tweaks v1.2.0-117
Translocators v1.1.1.14
ttCore v0.1.1-76
Twilight Forest v2.3.5
Waila v1.5.10
Waila Plugins v0.0.1-14
Wawla v1.2.1
Wireless Redstone v1.4.1.9
Witchery v0.24.1 - by Emoniph
Xaero's Minimap (Disabled by default) v1.4.1.3
Ztones v2.2.1

Pack is being reviewed by the team and will be online in the next day or 2.
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Jul 29, 2019
Yes a lot are outdated, but this is a very stable pack. Once I have the pack out and my server is running, all the mods will start to get updated to the latest versions. Mods may be added to the pack as well if they balance well with the other mods.
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