[1.7.10] Trinity: War, Magic, and Tech!


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Looks like a great modpack. There is no Witchery however. How will I fulfill my basic witching needs?
Thank you :) We used to have Witchery, but it was voted out when we were trying to slim down the pack. I never got into that mod too much so to be honest I'm not to knowledgable in that department, but I'm always open to suggestions! (With reasons why you want the mod and why it would fit with the theme sorta thing) One thing to note however is we are very picky and choosy about adding mods these days, for a number of reasons, one of them being that we want the pack to be playable for even those with not the most amazing of PC's. The pack was over 200 mods at one point and my friends that had Apple machines ( I know, I know) couldn't even play due to the lag :p Anyways, thanks for the input <3
p.s. At the moment, there are 4-5 mods being decided on whether we want to keep them or not in our development pack. Once the crew can test and finalize these decisions, we will be able to put out an update, and HOPEFULLY I will not be so lazy and put it on Curse as well haha.