[1.7.10] The BackWoods Mod (1.7.10-1.2)


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Dec 24, 2013
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The BackWoods, Developed By: Chaka15205 (AKA Christophernjsp)
All The Comforts of The Outdoors in One Tiny .jar

The BackWoods Mod Adds Blocks And Items, As Well as some Biomes to make Minecraft seem like real life.

[WIP] The MapleForest Biome

My Little Test Area (All the stuff and things, except for that AE system in the back)

More Screenshots Coming Soon! I am currently working on a wiki documentation.
Temp Link (Outdated): http://backwoodsmod.2fh.co/screenshots/

You can download the latest version of the mod here: http://chaka15205.2fh.co/node/5

The BackWoods Website:
The BackWoods Changelog: http://chaka15205.2fh.co/node/6
Chaka's Website: http://chaka15205.2fh.co/
Chaka's Mods: http://chaka15205.2fh.co/node/3
The BackWoods Forums: Coming Soon!
The BackWoods Wiki: Coming Soon!

The Change log Can Be Found Here

You Have Full Permission to use This Mod In Your Modpack, You Have Permission To Modify This Mod With Permission From Chaka15205, You Have Full Permission to Redistribute This Mod (As Long As It is its Original Code, Unless You Have Been Granted By The Mod Author).
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