[1.7.10]Reign of Terra [Hardcore Mode][TFC][Don'tStarve](Last update Dec25th)v1.1


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Jul 29, 2019

Yet another Terrafirmacraft based pack. However, rather than focusing on advancing in technology and machinery, this pack has some elements of the game Don't Starve. The grindyness of normal TFC has been reduced just a little bit, and there may be more than one way to obtain certain materials(where I deemed it was logical). Expect darkness, a bit of magic, and many deaths. This pack is balanced around the vanilla hardcore difficulty.

Pack Code: ReignOfTerra

Current Version: 1.1(Last updated Dec25th)

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This is a fairly small pack(about 55 mods). This is not a questing pack, it is simply meant to be played on hardcore difficulty, and you're meant to figure things out on your own(hence I will not outright post any spoilers about the pack in this initial post, however, if you have a question about something, feel free to ask). Due to me not having a server I can test on, I have not yet uploaded a server file(I want to make sure things work first). If you are interested in hosting a server with this pack, PM me. If you come across an issue/bug, you can post it here, just use spoilers if neccesary. I generally cater to SSP in my pack design, so do note that some bits of the usual TFC progression may be less grindy than normal.

Mod List:
1.1-added sprinkles for vanilla, configured void monster drops, stone bricks can now be used for a beacon base

Special thanks to JohnStar128 for the icon/banner.
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