[1.7.10][HQM] Tame the World - Magic and Tech, Exploration, and Pain WITH OGREBOY

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    Hey guys,
    I am Ogreboy and I am 26. I play and record modded MC.
    In this section I will post videos for Tame the World made by @fullphaser .
    Hope you guys will take a look at my videos and give your feedback with Like/Dislike and also subscribe for more videos.
    Now enjoy!

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    Roguelike Dungeons by @Greymerk made this episode crazy :)
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    Rotarycraft by @Reika
    RotaryCraft is an industrial-style mod, akin to the likes of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft2, and so on. Its name refers to the rotational power that is used as a power source by its machines; all of the machines in this mod use "shaft power" - a physical turning of shafts and gears - as a power source. This rotational power, as explained below, is the product of torque and rotational speed. Rotational Power is transferred by Shafts, Gearboxes, etc. to reach the machines. The main focus of the mod is realism, using real machine specification for power generation/consumption. Also, real world laws of physics are implemented for things such as heat dissipation. It adds absolutely no worldgen. RotaryCraft has a sister mod ReactorCraft(also by Reika), which ties in a nuclear component.

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    You're getting there, @Ogreboy! I've checked in on your channel from time to time and I think your more recent efforts have a lot of potential. :)

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    Thank you man! It really means a lot to me when you say things like that :) Thank you for sub tho and I will see you on my channel :)

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