Open [1.7.0] FTB Utilities + RFTools Dimensions = Chunkloading problem.

Discussion in 'FTB Beyond' started by Yusunoha, May 17, 2017.

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    Summary of the problem [1.7.0] FTB Utilities + RFTools Dimensions = Chunkloading problem.

    Pack Version 1.5.3

    What is the bug? Currently you need to use FTB Utilities if you want to chunkload chunks in Beyond. But sadly I'm running into a problem with FTB Utilities and RFTools Dimensions regarding chunkloading where chunks won't chunkload in RFTools dimensions upon reloading the world.

    if I load into my survival world, I first need to teleport to the RFTools dimension where I have chunks loaded. I then need to completely unclaim those chunks, reclaim them and re-chunkload them before those chunks actually start chunkloading.

    I need to do this everytime I reload my world, and it's quite annoying as there's no other way of chunkloading available in this pack.

    Mod & Version FTBUtilities-1.1x-3.6.3 & rftoolsdim-1.1x-4.55

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes, everytime upon reloading my world.

    Known Fix travel to the rftools dimensions, unclaim and reclaim the chunks and re-chunkload them.

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