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  1. ButterflyGirlKMC

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    What is the bug:
    Actual version 1.6.1.

    I created a twilight forest portal next to my house but each time I go to the twilight forest it will create a new portal in twilight forest instead of linking up with the portal I created near my house. This has resulted in about 6 to 8 portals spawning in about a 300-450 block radius around my house since it will also create a portal to link with in the overworld each time I go back through the portal in twilight forest.

    I flew around between the portals and it appears that there is a Twilight Glacier biome exactly in the middle of where these portals are spawning. There's also an Aurora Fortress very close to where I'm assuming the portal that would link with the one near my house should be.

    Right now I'm just kind of dealing with it or going through one of the now multiple portals that have spawned around my house.

    Mod & Version:
    Twilight Forest 2.3.7

    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log: None

    Can it be repeated:
    Yes, although after about 6-8 portals were created it mostly seems to be taking me to one of the existing portals.

    Known Fix: None
  2. Trisscar

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    Portals spawning near a glacier is pretty common for me, but this is weird. Have you done the usual backup saves/redownload modpack to see if some files didn't make the transfer yet?
  3. Cptqrk

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    It could be that your portal may be in the glacier biome itself. If so, maybe the mid is saving you from a horrible death due to progression mechanics? Try progressing till you open up the glacier biome and see if the issue persists

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  4. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    You don't die to frost though, it's just something akin to slow 3. The major dangers in the glacier area are the yetis and the frost wolves.
  5. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    Hrm... I had read that in the glacier biomes you slow down and can possibly die from freezing... Or maybe I'm wrong. Could still be what's causing it tho'

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