[1.20.1 Fabric] How to Make Gravity Changer work with Immersive Portals?


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Dec 15, 2012
I have a great set of mods installed, mostly centered around Immersive Portals. "Pehkui" allows for re-sizing the player, and using portals of different sizes does this in a clever way: walk into the bigger portal and come out the smaller one, and you're smaller! I also have "Gravity Changer", which allows each entity to have its own gravity direction (N/S/E/W/U/D), but if I make a portal with one side vertical and the other horizontal, after I go through, I orient back to the default vertical.

Is there a way to make traveling through such a portal re-orient my gravity direction? I know the portals can be at any angle and the gravity can only be in 6 discrete directions, but I'm sure it can just be rounded to the nearest of the six.