Open 1.2.0: Steve's Factory Manager crash with renamed ME Interface


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Jan 15, 2013
Birmingham, United Kingdom

What is the bug:
Pack version 1.3.4
When trying to select an ME Interface as the target of an Output, if that interface has been renamed in an anvil the game immediately shuts down the internal server and quits to desktop. The same happens if you place the renamed ME Interface on top of an Inventory Relay. Crash log states Steve's Addons is the last point on the stack.

*Edit* May not actually be the ME Interface, as the crash is still happening after I removed it, but it started happening when I added it. Also, I got it to work via the Inventory Relay by being very careful what I moused over.

Mod & Version:
Steve's Factory Manager A93, Steve's Addons 0.9.11, AE2 rv2 beta 8 log:

Can it be repeated:
Yes, every time I mouse over the ME interface in a Steve's Factory Manager flow.

Known Fix:
Be very careful what you mouse over.
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