1.17.1 Forge Hangs While Loading in Linux


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Dec 15, 2012
Mineceraft 1.17.1
Forge 37.0.65
Linux Mint 20.1
Windows 10

I know it's Linux because the exact same setup loads fine in Windows (I have a data partition accessible by both), and I know it's Forge because it happens even with no other mods installed. Near the end of the Mojang loading screen, the progress freezes at about 95% and just hangs there for about 5 minutes before the title screen comes up. Same thing happens when loading up a world; it hangs on "Reading world data..."
I know that there's an updated version of Forge available; I tested that one too, but this is the one that's compatible with Optifine.
UPDATE: Happens when changing resource packs too!
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