[1.12.2] Real Tech - an immersive and realistic tech pack

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  1. danny_djdk

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    Curseforge project: Real Tech
    Do you remember when you first started playing Minecraft and were amazed at how this simple, blocky game could make you feel like you were immersed in another world? This pack is designed to enhance that feeling. No "magic block" tech mods. No creative flight rings. Instead, we have mods with realistic mechanics that make the game feel even more immersive.

    Though it is not designed just to be overly difficult, it is more challenging than most tech packs due to the realism added by mods that require more planning, present interesting layout challenges, offer more realistic transportation options, and tweak survival mechanics. You'll find yourself in a world that feels alive and real.


    Continue watching the series here: Real Tech Let's Play Playlist

    If you're having fun with this pack, tell me about it. If you're having problems or have suggestions, please post them in the Curseforge Issue Tracker.
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  2. Reaccon

    Reaccon New Member

    In my opionion you are missing a leading way, there is no goal to reach. That pack isnt that hard. TFC is hard, GregTech is hard, Infinity Evolved is hard but this isnt hard.

    #Things that shoud be changed

    - only 1 ore from 1 kind (Copper)
    - only 1 ingot from 1 kind
    - district or connect mods with oder mods
  3. zBob

    zBob New Member

    I like the idea of the pack but I don't agree that it has to have an end goal. It has a specific theme with how it wants to modify Minecraft without handing out too many over powered items. Nearly every pack I play I try to get to flight as fast as possible as it the best method for travel and exploration. This smaller theme will keep it closer to vanilla which I always say I want to go back and play yet never really do.

    I do agree that the ore generation needs consolidated, plus marble and limestone.

    Lastly is there a way to disable BoP poison ivy (either generation or poison effect) without creating a BoP world? I like the realistic world generation option from Quark but without the ability to regenerate health from full hunger bar I end up with a single heart on my second day of foraging. I know once I finally get shoes and pants it should no longer affect me (at least if they copied that from 1.7 code) but that just might be the solution. I could cheat in an initial player inventory of a wool suit or leather armor based on the biome I start in to make the first days progression a little easier.
  4. danny_djdk

    danny_djdk Active Member

    I also agree that the worldgen needs to be tweaked and consolidated. But I don't agree that not having a "goal to reach" is a problem. What is the goal in Minecraft? If you ask 100 people, you'll get 100 answers. That's what makes this game so great.

    I personally dislike HQM packs and packs with forced progression. I like the freedom of creative expression and exploration that Minecraft gives me. That's what this pack is meant to enhance.

    As I said in the description, it is not meant to be "hard." I personally hate packs that are designed just to be hard. I don't see the point in that. Yes, there are mods that add to the difficulty of the game, but they do it to add realism and make it feel more immersive, not just to make it hard.

    If you're looking for difficulty just for the sake of difficulty and a predefined goal, this is not the pack for you. But, I will work on adjusting the worldgen for the next update.

    Thanks for your feedback! Even though I don't agree with all your points, it's very much appreciated.
  5. danny_djdk

    danny_djdk Active Member

    I agree that no end goal is needed. Like I said in a previous comment, I'm not a fan of packs with predefined end goals. I wanna progress the way I please! ;) I was hoping to enhance the vanilla feel with this pack but without the repetition, limited progression and lack of building and inventory control options of vanilla.

    Unfortunately, the last I checked, there is no way to disable poison ivy. If I could, I would, or I would at least reduce it significantly... that and quicksand. You just have to be extra vigilant in the early game. ;)

    Maybe another option, which may or may not be slightly less cheaty, would be to cheat in some bandages or a first aid kit to help get you started. Or find a seed that starts you in a biome without poison ivy.
  6. Marinara

    Marinara New Member

    Love the concept. Things are so much more satisfying when you can see them happening as far as automation goes in my opinion.

    As far as realism/immersion goes, might I suggest you take a look at the following:



    I think they would go very nicely with this modpack. I think the latter two are musts for any pack really, but they especially follow your stated goals for Real Tech. They really make the world feel alive and real.
  7. Marinara

    Marinara New Member

    I've been hunting for a desert biome for a few hours now to no avail. Need cacti for the Rough Tweaks' Salve. I'm using Quark's world gen, could that have something to do with it?
  8. danny_djdk

    danny_djdk Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I did initially have Better Sleeping in the pack, but ran into some compatibility bugs. I wasn't able to figure out which mods were conflicting, but it basically prevented me from sleeping which, given the bad effects this mod adds when you don't sleep, basically made the pack unplayable (not to mention spamming the console as this mod tried to force me to sleep on the floor). I love the concept of this mod and hope to get it to work in this pack eventually.

    I had played with Dynamic Surroundings as well. As much as I love many aspects of the mod, the one thing the bothered me about it with this particular pack is the ambient sounds that did not correspond to anything in the world: like bugs and birds. I also found that some of the loops got repetitive after a while. These things tended to distract me from the immersion rather than add to it.

    As for Sound Physics, I already have Sound Filters in the pack which has very similar functionality. I'll take some time to compare the two and see if it's worth switching. It looks the Sound Physics has a more sophisticated sound engine.
  9. danny_djdk

    danny_djdk Active Member

    Hmm.. there shouldn't be anything changing the frequency of vanilla biome generation. The Quark world gen just tweaks the vanilla settings the same way you would when you create a customized world. I've actually only been playing with Biomes O Plenty world types and have been able to find desert biomes. Perhaps it's just a case of unluckiness.
  10. zBob

    zBob New Member

    Has 1.1.0 been uploaded to curse? I see the change log is updated here and there but I don't see the updated files as a download option.
  11. danny_djdk

    danny_djdk Active Member

    Thanks for the heads up! It has been uploaded and is available on the legacy FTB launcher, but it looks like something went wrong with the Curse sync. I alerted the FTB 3rd party pack team. Usually, they have it fixed within a day or two.
  12. zBob

    zBob New Member

    Thanks for getting the pack updated on Curse, it's simpler for me to just use that app for all my packs where I can now.

    What mod was added or changed with the update that allows for dynamic lighting when holding a torch? I am not looking to have it changed for the pack, but I personally want to turn that off as I like to carry torches in my off hand for easy placement when caving and mining but Minecraft runs terribly with it having to update the light levels around me with every step I take so that now I only switch to my stack of torches when I want to place one. :(

    Other things I am thinking of adding into the pack and you might want to consider:

    Craft tweaker and/or mod tweaker: I want to create recipes for blue and purple slime. With alumite gone I do like to create knightslime as a piece of many of my tools (handle for my hammer most of all). I agree that the floating islands should not exist but still want to use the materials that Tinker's normally includes. Not sure what I want to base the recipe from but I am thinking it should have to start with the yellow slime from the nether.

    Also I have not tested this one out yet but I think this or a similar hang gliding mod if anyone knows of one should be added for early game exploration.

    Those are my thoughts at the moment, hopefully I will get a chance to play some more this weekend.
  13. zBob

    zBob New Member

    I found it, DynamicLights was silently added with the 1.1 release.

    From their page on curseforge:
    Toggle button ingame:
    The key is "L". You can turn all dynamic Lights on/off with it. The button can be rebound using the ingame options.

    I didn't think that would be an in game option so I just disabled the mod for my own install, as my time to go through the nether portal was taking almost a minute. Eventually my FPS would come back to normal but for that first minute going into the nether it would drop to zero and even with a safe house built around my portal I was always worried I would get wrecked by a ghast or blaze
    while waiting. Also the mod says that it's all client side so it will not lag servers, if that is the case then I am also wasting time heating up in the nether without getting anything done. I like the idea of the mod it just isn't working for me right now, maybe I need to adjust some of my video configuration or install optifine but I have never needed or used that mod before.
  14. danny_djdk

    danny_djdk Active Member

    Oh yeah... DynamicLights. It was supposed to be in the first release, but wasn't. Apparently, when you install it in curse, it downloads a ZIP file but doesn't extract it... go figure. I may end up disabling this mod by default in future updates. Minecraft lighting updates are pretty inefficient, so I'm sure you're not the only lagging with it.

    Thanks for posting the instructions and suggestions. I'll look into adding craft tweaker for that or some other way of getting the other slimes. I'm not sure how I feel about the glider yet, but I'll give it some thought.
  15. danny_djdk

    danny_djdk Active Member

    Ok. I took a closer look at this mod and I really like how it's balanced. I think it would fit this pack well. I'm going to do some testing and we may see it in the next version of the pack.
  16. Softwerker

    Softwerker Active Member

    Too bad Rotarycraft is not available for 1.10 yet. :-( That would make such a great addition to your pack.
  17. Popster99

    Popster99 Guest

    public server would be awsome
  18. danny_djdk

    danny_djdk Active Member

    The 1.12.2 pack is now being maintained exclusively on the Curse/Twitch launcher as the FTB third party pack system is now closed.

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