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    The purpose of this pack is to complete the quest book and escape from the planet of Trantor, a procedurally generated city ruin. To do this you will have to fight monsters, explore ruins, and build machines that will help you survive. This pack includes an improved combat system as well as a selection of technology mods. But the primary focus of this pack on the unique terrain provided by six different terrain generation mods and a customized Lost Cities configuration.

    It is the year 12,378GE and the Galactic Empire has been in ruins for over 3 centuries. But you are not a citizen of the Galactic Empire, you hail from the periphery of the galaxy. A world called Terminus is your home, the center of the Foundation and the nucleus of the second Galactic Empire.

    You are a space explorer and you have been tasked by the Mayor of Terminus to collect ancient scientific data from the ruins of Trantor. This city planet (located in the center of the galaxy) was once the capital of the mighty first Galactic Empire, but after centuries of war it is nothing but a smoldering ruin. Bandits and mutants roam the surface, looking for human flesh to consume.

    Upon arriving in the system and making orbit around Trantor a mysterious energy beam hits your ship from the planet! You have crashed on the surface of this dead world, and must find the components you need to rebuild your spaceship. However the Mayor is still counting on you to collect that ancient data. For the glory of the Foundation you vow not to leave the planet until you have found it!

    Starting Tips:

    -Make a custom world and choose the "Lost Cities" world type. Choose the custom made "Trantor" profile. It was made just for this pack!

    -Bind a key to the FTB Quest book. you can access this from anywhere and it will provide you with your starting gear.

    -Try to find 0, 80, 0 first it should be an easy goal

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    you post it in the "public packs", but you forget to write the activation code...
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    Original poster of this thread posted a link to the curseforge page at the top of the post, just under the art for the pack.
    (this means you can find it on that page - or get it via the Twitch launcher)


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