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    What is this mod?!?

    ViesCraft is a light-weight and easy to use mod that brings something new to Minecraft, the ability to create airships! These Airships consume fuel to fly and have an expansion module slot which can enhance an airship to fit your needs. Take your Airship experience a step further by customizing your airship's frame/color (720 different frame/color combinations to choose from). Fly your faction's colors or just explore your world in style. Sky's the limit!

    I also added a special little item called the Dismounter. Have mobs/animals in your airships, minecarts, etc? Use this item to get them out!

    Pre-Module System!


    Note for servers, you must enable flying in the server configs!


    • - Airship pronunciations: Viesdenburg [Vise-den-berg], Viesigible [Vie-sij-ible], Viesepelin [ Vie-sep-lyn], Viesakron [ Vise-ah-cron].​
    • - Use any vanilla fuel source to power any airship except for buckets of lava (by design). These items will burn for their vanilla burn times.​
    • - All mod items except for the guide books and the Airship Workbench must be crafted in the Airship Workbench.​
    • - The GUI for an airship can only be accessed by the steering player while mounted in the airship.​
    • - When an airship runs out of fuel, it will not be able to elevate. All motion controls becomes stiffer and slower as well as it gradually descends. Pro Tip: Don't be over water or lava!​
    • - If an airship is empty, it will float slowly at an increasing speed back to the ground. No need to worry about a fully fueled airship taking an hour to float back down, unless an animal is in it...​
    • - While in a multiplayer server, if you are in an airship and log out, your airship will disappear with you. The server restarting has no effect on this. When you log back in, you will still be in your airship and still be flying. However, if you have any passengers and log out, they will assume control and you will drop out of the airship when you log back in...​
    • - If an airship is destroyed by either water damage, creative destruction, or just the regular way to break the airship back into an item, any module inventory contents will be dropped on the ground! Make sure you have enough room to get all of your items!​
    • - Config airship name strings are only taken from the Client. Setting it on the server makes no difference!​
    • - Airships hate water! When you submerge it enough, it will start to smoke. If you do not get out in time, it will explode with a chance of dropping random parts. This will hurt...​
    Note for Modpack Creators
    Everyone is free to use this mod in any modpack they want. I only ask that you give me credit (Viesis), don't make money off of it (keeping it free), and have a link back to the main curse site (if you can). Otherwise, have fun with it!
    For recipes, check out the photos for the mod on the curse website below.
    Please remember, when using any mod, to back up your worlds! Say no to lost world saves.

    Hope you all enjoy the mod!
    Download it below or check it out on curse.com!

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    I updated the information here as I just updated the mod to 1.11 and added FAQs and other information about my mod. Enjoy!
  3. Viesis

    Viesis Guest

    Just as another update, all of the core restructuring that went into the 1.11 release has been applied to the 1.10.2, 1.10.0, and 1.9.4 releases. :)
  4. Nezraddin

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    Looks totally amazing!
    And put it onto my "Must have!"-mods once I start making my own little private modpack for 1.10.+. So really looking forward to flying around with them, who needs jetpacks or creative flight items! :D
  5. Viesis

    Viesis Guest

    I am glad you like it! I did work pretty hard on this mod. :) I prefer to fly around my worlds in style! Haha
  6. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    Hey @Viesis got a bug report for you.

    DW20 1.10 pack with ViesCraft 4.0.1a-mc1.10.2.jar added

    Bug: Crafting parts will not use up the items

    I used the Airship workbench to create the motor, engines and balloon. None of the recipies took the items out of the crafting grid, and I could get them all back after creating/taking the parts

    Repeatable: Yes

    *Edit I see there is a ViesCraft 4.0.2a version (not the one Curse automatically downloaded for me) and is already fixed.

    Don't know how Curse works, but they are not installing the latest version of your mod.

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  7. Viesis

    Viesis Guest

    I made sure to fix that as soon as it was brought to my attention. I am not sure how Curse works with the modpacks either, since I don't have one. That was definitely fixed with v4.0.2a though. :) Thanks!
  8. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    ViesCraft isn't packaged with the DW20 pack, I added it myself. When I searched for the mod and clicked install, it put in the older version for some strange reason.

    Anywho.. Are you still working on this mod? Any updates/changes coming?

    I checked on the project page and saw some good stuff, but mostly questions about the speed of the airships, and I would have to agree, they are a bit too slow to make them a viable alternative to walking. Yes you can avoid holes/mobs in the air, but you could build bridges quicker than you can cross the canyons in an airship!

    This isn't a knock on the mod, just how you interpreted the risk/gains.

    If I may make two suggestions though,

    Instead of having folks tweak the config file to speed up the ships, maybe there can be upgrades to the ships themselves, or more chip slots to add more speed. This would allow for "sight seeing" speed for those that want it, and "convenient travel speed" for those that want more without going full on bonkers with creative flight simulating items from other mods.

    Make a way to recover parts from airships that don't involve landing in water and hoping to get parts back....


    Great mod, and keep up the awesome work!

    *EDIT* Small annoyance bug:

    JEI does not recognize the mod's workbench and does not give the option to auto-fill the grid with the selected recipe. Also, achievement icons show in JEI.. Not game breaking, but odd to see them there. :)
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  9. Viesis

    Viesis Guest

    As of now, I am letting things simmer down for a bit. I rewrote the whole mod recently (migrated to the Forge Capabilities System) and want to make sure things are stable before starting to add more. I want to keep adding different airship types (maybe some steampunk helicopters???, not sure yet) and expand the module system more, maybe get some unique ideas to make the mod stand out more (like the Dismounter item).

    I have heard a lot about the airship speeds. Since the mod came out, all speeds have been configurable via the configs (you can set different types to different speeds). I usually started the airships off slow as the default so they were not too OP right out of the gate. I figured this way, any players/server owners can up the speeds at any time based on the unique types. With the 4.0.0 versions they default to a higher % (about 75% faster) if wanted. I figure it would be a continuous battle trying to make everyone happy with the speeds, so I would let the users choose. I also chose to have the speeds configurable with configs because I didn't like the idea of making airships obsolete. I worked hard on the models and didn't want one airship type to be the best and people don't use the other ones. So with the configs, if I own a server and really like the Viesakron, I can make that airship the faster one if I choose.

    I do like your suggestions, especially the ability to decraft an airship. The issue I am running into with my modules is that with an airship, I have only so many useful things that they can do. It doesn't make sense to have something like a mobile furnace or a built in compass taking up a module slot. I like the idea of extra chip slots for speed, but do you think it would be equally good to just increase the speed module values to higher ones, or instead of having a % increase (which can't really be felt with lower airship speeds) I can just set a static additive speed value?

    I am not sure how to get the JEI autofill feature really working (haven't looked into it). I never had too much of a problem with that since I made the Airship Workbench be able to store the items in them instead of throwing everything out like the regular workbench. As for the JEI achievement icons, I did that on purpose. :) I made my icons actual items that someone can spawn to put in item frames if they wanted for a little extra decoration! Hehe.
  10. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    Thanks for the response!

    When it comes to the airships (great models by the way!) they don't have to become obsolete.. They can start off with just the standard 1 chip slot, but make it so you can make an upgrade chip to expand the slots? You would have to tinker with the values of these upgrade chips (using a nether star for infinite fuel seems a bit harsh, and I would consider using one for "chip slot upgrade" a better use for such a high end item). This way, you can keep the current upgrade chips but allow the player to combine them to their preference. This allows the player gets to select the airship that suits their style, but still be able to have the customization available to them.

    As for other things to make the mod stand out:

    Turrets? The ability to clear out the mass of Slimes spawning on those floating islands without having to hop out and risk being pushed off to your death would be great! Would also make for some fun PVP for folks that enjoy that.

    TnT Dropper... Bombs away? This would have to be configurable to be whitelist/blacklisted.. the greifing could be really bad, but still would be useful/cool

    The ability to access the storage without having to mount the airship would be nice too (like Donkey's with chests, sneak right click to access the inventory)

    Oh, and for a personal preference.. can there be a flames or tiger shark type skins for the balloons? Colours are nice, and you are clearly great at textures.. maybe more customization?
  11. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin New Member

    I kinda have to disagree with the turrets and TNT dropper. Sure it would be on the base "You don't like them? Don't use them", and that's probably were I would end, never using these things.
    I may be a bit on the peaceful side there, but seeing the airships suddenly getting guns and all would change the whole light it's standing in. It kinda would be like if Railcraft suddenly added minigun-carts and armored trains and such weaponry things.

    Not saying that it would be getting bad when such things would get in (as mentioned aboth, I probably just wouldn't ever build them), but I really hope the focus stays on the "stylish traveling"-part of airships.

    I know flying mods are always compared to "But mod x has creative flight!" - which is quiet sad - but in case of these upgrades I would also avoid making things too "creative like".
    I think it's good that airships need fuel and they should probably never be like creativeflight when it comes to actually flying them. So maybe better upgrades like "Flying speed is 50% higher, but fuel-use is 50% higher" or such things.

    I know this text might be read weird, but I wanted to throw in my opinion about these things. I already can say that this mod will be always my number one way of flight in any modpack which has it (and I hope to see it alot :) ). Not cause of thinking that I maybe might bomb the next dungeon down to bedrock, but simply cause these airships are totally stylish for flight.

    So from my side I would be more happy seeing things like "A airship landing structure which pulls out the items from airships when you land on it" (like you can land there, wait for a bit and then start again when the inventory was full) or upgrades about having more storage and more speed at the cost of more fuel.
  12. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    I'm not looking for creative flight from these airships, but have you played with the mod as of yet? Even with the 2x speed for 2x fuel cost is still excruciatingly slow.. 6 minutes to travel 1k blocks in a straight line. So six minutes of game play of holding W.. (maybe an auto-pilot chip? Make way points on a special mod specific map, and set it and forget it?

    As for the weaponizeation of the mod.. I get it.. I'm not a PVP fan by any means at all, and apart from my server, I mostly stick to single player worlds, but something like this hasn't been done since that horribly buggy military mod that added jeeps and planes... The turret thing came to me as I was attempting to land on a slime island.. Would have been an interesting addition.. Nothing OP like TiCo crossbows of 1.7.10 days. I also (now) know you can still use your bow and arrow while mounted in an airship so this may be a moot point, but it would fill an under served niche in the modded scene. (I for one would love to have a steampunk war zeppelin docked at my tower any day LOL)
  13. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin New Member

    Tested it a little bit so far, just in a creative-world so far.
    Since I'm someone who starts with gliders and jetpacks usually very late, running thousands of blocks with holding W and tapping space is not unknown for me. And with the airships the "trying to find your jumping-way over a mountain" would fall away, which already is a huge bonus for my usual exploration *chuckles*

    About the weapons I'm just worried that people might start seeing it exactly like one of these military-like mods. And I'm not a big fan of them, cause they're usually really weird when it comes fitting into a modpack.
    Not that I'm totally against such an idea, just saying that it probably better is used very subtile, like a single gun and that's it. Just seen a few mods that added in a single gun and suddenly all the "Add a rocket launcher! And a potato gun!" comments started to show up.

    In the end of course mister Viesis says what he does with the mod (I kinda always feel bad when talking into someones mod *hides*). I just can say so far that I totally found my 1.10+ mod for flying around, no matter where it goes from here on :D
  14. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    With the slime sling and the slime boots you can get up and over those mountains quite fast :)

    I was thinking (i know.. run for the hills!) instead of a TnT dropper, how about a sand/gravel dropper to start builds in the water?

    I dunno...

    But I do agree, for the look and feel, this mod gets an A++ :)
  15. Viesis

    Viesis Guest

    I have to say, I love the conversation that has been going on here. I usually do not see this level of discussion. :) That being said, I am not going to add any kind of guns or bombs, nothing warfare like. I am sticking with the pure transportation aspect of it. In my opinion, mods that try to focus on more that one theme are usually worse than those who embrace a single theme. It is like a great cooking mod trying to add magic. The users love the mod for the cooking aspect, but now have "magic spells" that seem like an afterthought and are usually not worth it. All of the time wasted on trying to make said mediocre spells could of been put into the actual cooking part of the mod that people love. If someone really wanted a magic mod, they would use a mod that specializes in it. Why order a pizza from a Chinese food place, right? Also, I work on this mod alone and also do part time college, gym, game, play with my 3d printer, with a full time job. If I were to attempt any warfare like mods, it would be a standalone mod, but I am not into those kind of mods regardless. I figure, if someone wants to use a mod like that, they can and my airships will work along side of them. After all, you can shoot and throw things from the airship! lol.

    As for the mod future, I have a list of things I am going to add and some of which I already started working on. The next thing I am doing is having unique frame material (wood, iron, gold, diamond, etc) combinations with the various cloth colors of each type to further customize the airships. With this new system I am making, I will be able to easily add more "variations" for the colors/frames as well without adding 110+ textures. That being said, I have to rework all of my models / textures, so I am also taking the opportunity to update my airship textures and models and try to make them look better. I already started with the Viesdenburgs and I like the results so far. I am also going to create an "Airship Disassembler" to be able to turn your undyed airships back into their respective parts. I also want to add vanity modules that emit various particle effects, etc. There are a handful of features I want to put in down the road as well (as I learn how to do them), like seeing what items are in the workbench slots by looking at the workbench model, maybe even be able to render and item/block like the banner/itemframe on the airships themselves. Who knows! lol
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  16. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin New Member

    Sounds like a great plan. Having alot of different looking airships will make it look so nice.
    And it already brings idea into my head, like having different looking ones for different lines to fly, with a central airhsip-hub in my mainbase.
    Uuuh I just love mods that make my brain go crazy with ideas :]

    And i have to agree, mods that are all over the place are always a lil trouble when you're planning for modpacks.
    I noticed that myself when I made my lil private modpack for 1.7.10, which should give me a lil challange in progression. So many mods which I wanted to add for one or two things but then had alot of things which made my personal challange too easy again, so a big config-fight with disabling blocks started, hehe.

    So to stop blabbering - I always get into that too easily *sigh* - totally my cheering for sticking with the transportation aspect of the airships :)
  17. Viesis

    Viesis Guest

    A huge update just landed in time for the New Year, v4.5.0a. This is an enormous update that adds a total of 576 frame/color combinations for all 4 main types of airships. There is a new color variant called "Rainbow", and just a lot of other things!

    This update was only make for 1.11.0 just to get it out into your hands to see if anything needs fixing. After a bit, I will updated to 1.11.2 and attempt to back rev to previous versions of Minecraft. Have fun!
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  18. Viesis

    Viesis Guest

    Time to start the New Year of right! Introducing v4.5.5a! This update is for 1.11.2 and 1.10.X (the 1.10.2 & 1.10 now use the same release!). The 1.11.0 and 1.9.4 seem to be pretty much dead so unless I have time to kill, those revisions will remain at their current versions. This release makes huge changes to my airship system behind the scenes. It will be easy to add more variants later on.

    PLEASE NOTE: The 1.10.X was a complete overhaul. All old airships and airship items will be stripped out of existing worlds!!! KNOW THAT BEFORE UPDATING! It was just way too much of a pain to have both airship systems going at the same time.
  19. Viesis

    Viesis Guest

    Update 4.7.2a for 1.11.2 and 1.10.X is now live! This adds a lot of stuff, like all of my updates seem to. Paint now works differently, allowing players to change their airship's color while it is out in the world! That is just one of many things this update brings. A full beefy list is at the Main Curse site.
  20. Viesis

    Viesis Guest

    Just posting this as a reminder, the next update is pruning out all of my old items. As people have been using my 4.7.2a version, they have been upgrading their airships to my new system. When you update to my next release, you will be prompted to load the world without a lot of item (probably 600+). Don't be scared. This is a-ok! I am being much more efficient with how I handle my items. So far, I have turned about 613 items into 35! Woot! This should be the last time I have to do something like this, now that I have my code completely organized now.

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