Open 1.1.0: Unbreakable transfer nodes/pipes

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sergeant twitchy

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Jul 29, 2019

Extra Utilities

What is the bug:
(playing expert mode, if that makes a difference) I made a cobble generator with the extra utilities transfer node, and everything works just as I would expect, except that when I tried to disassemble the contraption to relocate it... None of my tools can even begin to touch them, i've tried my picks, axes, shovels, mattocks, hammers, wrenches, bare hands, and I missing something or is there some odd bug? I cannot break any transfer pipe or node I place in my survival world, waila reports it as not harvestable... however in my creative test world, they break just fine, even if I enter survival mode
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try /gamemode 0

(You are probably not interested in the answer any more, but google led me here, so I'm posting what worked for me)