Open 1.1.0: Diesel Engine Power Output


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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
Not a bug but a configuration that no longer makes sense!

I remember when the diesel engine output was nerfed from 4k to 1k RF/T in Infinity Evolved and at the time made some sense since they were kinda overpowered when paired with the excavator.

Another thing that made the nerf seem acceptable was the information that the total amount of energy produced with one bucket of fuel was the same, so fuel would also last 4 times more, it would just produce slower...

Well, I always thought it was not quite right and I just checked the code. Burn rate is contant, so, the total amount of energy produced by one bucket was actually reduced 4 times.

Right now, one bucket of fuel produces only 384K RF total while on any other type of power generation it usually produces around 1.5M RF... Taking in account the fact that excavators are worthless in Skyblock, the cost of building a diesel engine compared to a couple tin for a compression dynamo and how hard it is to actually get oil or fuel, the nerf makes no sense anymore.

And, if we use biofuel has a reason to nerf diesel generators... then, culinary generators would also had to be removed from the pack!

So, since it makes no sense and is actually making an item sub-par in comparison to his alternatives I propose the 1k RF/T nerf being removed from the pack and we return to the 4K output.

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Jul 29, 2019
The nerf never made sense. The diesel gen was made worse than much cheaper and easier to run Railcraft boiler. Here is my math on the material costs of both generation methods (plus supporting machinery) TL;DR version: you pay almost double for 2/3 of the power output while taking up about 4 times as much space.
Note that it isn't completely apples to apples (diesel gen compared to solid fueled boiler), the idea was to compare power sources you can run from a single farm (tree for charcoal or melon for IE biodiesel).

Side note: excavators shouldn't be useless, they should still run if you create a couple block thick dirt platform for them to sit on. At least they used to work mid-air, I haven't looked at IE code in quite a while.