1.0.2: Direwolf20 1.7.10 and Optifine

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  1. McJty

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    For all you optifine haters out there. I installed Optifine and Fastcraft on my daughters computer for her latest 1.7.10 pack. With 1.6.4 she had rather bad performance but with 1.7.10 she now has REALLY fast performance and she even opens the game to LAN so that I and my son can play with her.

    Just saying that Optifine isn't as bad as many people seem to think it is. There was a time where it didn't work well with many mods but I believe that time is over. There are a few smaller issues here and there (for example Z-fighting with jabba barrels) but otherwise it works really great and (in some cases) helps a lot with performance too.
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  2. CoolSquid

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    I'm not an Optifine hater, but I am a Fastcraft hater.
  3. It_IS_Lupus

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    Cofh core doesn't play well with optifine
  4. DaemosDaen

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    Not an Optifine hater here, I have just experienced the effects of it not playing well with mods. BC pipes not displaying, not to mentions what it did with the quarry. BC pumps wer not happy with it either.
    there's many other issues I've had with it.

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